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POlitics – Full On Hate

Fox News has helped destroy the Republican Party.

In my opinion they embrace fringe viewpoints and then make their viewers believe those viewpoints are normal in their echo echo chamber.

Calling any group of people “Lower Level” human beings is a dog whistle that harkens back to the very darkest of American’s history.

Boycott Jeanine Pirro and Fox News and take back the Republican Party from the Trump Republicans.

Politics – Disgusting

This is the man that the religious right holds up as their new messiah?

That is wrong on so many levels, they have been seduced by Satan, willing to give up all their morals for a single issue vote, and what better way for Satan to make a home in their hearts than to make them think they are getting something they want.

This is the man the Trump Republicans are willing to destroy our country over.


Ron Johnson – Traitor Or Worse?

The only way I can reconcile what is below is that Ron Johnson doesn’t think killing a police officer is a crime? Is this the man that the people of Wisconsin want representing them?

“…I knew those were people that love this country, that truly respect law enforcement, would never do anything to break the law, and so I wasn’t concerned,”

Ron Johnson, Wisconsin US Senator

Trump – Making Thousands of Kids Victims Times Two

In Trump’s America families seeking help, families seeking a better life, are torn apart, those children are then put in environments were predators are attacking them.

Is this the America I want to live in? Is this why I voted Republican for the last 20 years?

No, no it is not.

Trump is a disgrace. Trump is destroying our country, and our national values.

Vote out anyone who supports Trump. Don’t give any money to the RNC until every Trump Supporting Republican is out of office.

Take back our country, take back the Republican Party.

Trump – Turning The Military Into Murderers

The military is not allowed to act as law enforcement within the US borders.

A member of the military shooting someone on US soil is murder.

End of story.

Trump wants to turn our troops against us. Trump only cares about Trump and his rich friends.

Save our nation, call your senators, call your congressmen, petition the White House. Let Trump know he isn’t a king.

Trump – Appointing A Jacuzzi Fraudster AG

Trump has forced Jeff Sessions out. Trump forced Sessions out for a single reason, and that comes down to the Mueller probe.

Why is Trump so afraid of that probe? It’s not a witch hunt. Mueller has indicted and gotten guilty pleas or guilty verdicts against multiple high level Trump staffers, including Flynn, Manafort, and his long time personal lawyer.

The only reason to put a fraudster in as the AG is because Trump is afraid.

Afraid of Mueller.

Save our country, let your representatives know that the Mueller probe has to be allowed to continue.