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Dumb – Self Ignition

Notice how fast he’s running. I’m guessing that is a lot hotter than he thought it would be.

If he’s lucky he got in the water without major burns.

If he’s not lucky he got burnt, and just exposed a wide area wound to dirty water.

That could mean sepsis and death if he was really unlucky. I hope he was lucky and learned a lesson.

Dumb – Really, Really, Bad Ideas

Things that scare me here:

  1. They are really close to that house and are putting everyone inside at risk.
  2. The guy who ends up getting burnt isn’t even paying attention to how much danger his buddies are putting him in – he’s busy texting until he catches on fire.
  3. No fire extinguisher or hose in sight?

Did these guys not realize that gas vapor is more flammable than the actual liquid? They are so lucky the flames didn’t get back into that can.

If you know these guys please offer to pay for their vasectomy so they can’t procreate.