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Trump – Destroying The Economy Slowly But Surely

I know it is just a blip for now – but Trump gave a huge tax cut to those who don’t need it when the economy was rolling right along.

Now the deficit will grow and eventually the economy will falter – all because Trump, Ryan, and McConnell had to give a huge tax cut to those who didn’t need it.

Anyone who supports Trump has to be voted out. Save our country.

Trump – Lies About The Economy

The very same data that showed Obama’s Economy was going strong was derided by Trump and his team – right up until they inherited that economy and now they can’t why the very same data is valid?

You know why? Because it was real data all along, but they are lying traitorous bastards.

Guess what they will say the moment the numbers turn against them because their policies will destroy this country.  Then the data will be wrong again.

I guarantee it.

Trump – Trickle Down Hot Dogs

And trust me when I tell you that Trump is giving that Hot Dog to the biggest meanest beast out there, and the rest of us are are tiny puppies in comparison.

But they will share out of the goodness of their hearts right? Because that’s what they’ve been doing for the last 20 years right? Oh no, that’s not right. The only people who have seen their wages and wealth grow are the top of the food chain. Because they suck up that Hot Dog so there is none left for the rest of us…

So Sad Because It’s True

The rich realized they could take everything, and they did.

Now you have to go to college to owe tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) and then repay that for profit college, while struggling with a job that won’t give you a decent pension and will fire you the moment your job can be outsourced or handed to a robot.

All so the ultra wealthy can put a few more dollars in their pockets.