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Voting Against Your Own Best Interests

The biggest hoax that Trump Republicans and Faux News have pulled, in my humble opinion, is the way they have convinced poor white people that the reason they are poor is because of poor people who aren’t white.

I have family in the hills of West Virginia and they are die hard Faux News voters. They blame people they’ve never met or seen for the fact that they struggle pay for the medications they need, all while blaming Obama for things he couldn’t possibly be blamed for – like 911.

Save our country, vote out anyone who supports Trump. Save the Republican Party from the Trump Republicans.

Politics – Satan Owns The Trump Republicans

Is food a right?

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

Proverbs 19:17

This is how I know that the Trump Republicans who wear the mantle of “Christians” are really the devil in disguise. Have they ever read the Bible?

Clearly the answer is no, because the Bible burns when the unholy read the words.

POlitics – Billionaires

I don’t agree with a lot that AOC says, but I agree with her here.

Billionaires represent an immense imbalance in equity that means while people starve, other people can wipe their butts with gold leaf.

As a conservative with strong religious beliefs, I firmly believe that it is harder for a rich man to get into heaven, than for a camel to get through the eye of a needle.

That Billionaire can still be really, really rich, but taxing them fairly means universal healthcare, or pregnant woman getting pre natal care – then we need to tax them and use that money to save our country.

Help me save our nation and take but the Republican Party with strong ideas that save the middle class.

Politics – Income Inequality

When the only thing that matters is corporate profits, the working class become no better than indentured servants.

We are the richest nation on the planet, yet we are 11th in health outcomes. The income inequality means that people die because they can’t afford medications.

Vote out anyone who supports/ed Trump and the Trump Republicans.

Let’s start a new Republican Party and defeat the Democrats with big ideas!!!

Republicants Love Liars

Ted Cruz, a Trump Republican, got up on the Senate floor and lied. He lied to the American people and to his peers.

The right wing, liar loving Trumpists will eat his sound bites up – and not know or care how false they are.

This is what will destroy our country.

Save Country, vote out Cruz and all the other Trump Republicans.

POlitics – Trickle Down Stockholm Syndrome

We are the only industrialized nation without nationalized healthcare and who allows, or rather, forces people to work multiple jobs and still not be able to pay for basics like rent, food, and healthcare.

The worst thing that Trump and his top 1% friends have done is to make the working class people believe the issue is with paying a living wage, and that minimum wage jobs weren’t meant to be careers, which is just a lie. The minimum wage was expressly created to ensure that no one would be forced to work a job that didn’t provide enough income to house, feed, and cloth themselves.

End of story.

Trump – Screw The Middle Class

Trump has turned on his voters.

He was supposed to be fore the little guy and not for the super rich.

Boy do I feel like a dummy for voting for this guy. He promised change, instead the only thing that got changed is that the raping of the middle class was put into high gear.

Trump is both a traitor to those who voted for him, and probably to his country as well with everything that is coming out.

Save the Republican Party, save our country.

Country Over Party!!!!

Trump – Poor People Are Poor Because They Waste Their Money On Booze & Women


Those with money and status and power think that the rest of us aren’t equal to them because we wasted our money?

This is just so disgusting.

Trump & McConnell are destroying the Republican party.

Save our party, vote out anyone who supports Trump, McConnell, and Paul Ryan.