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Trump – Screwing The Middle Class

Trump and his band of right wing, rich people only politicians passed a massive tax cut, giving huge amounts of money back to the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

That resulted in an equally massive deficit growth, and a tanking stock market.

Trump only cares about the super wealthy. Trump only cares about people with a lot of digits in their bank accounts.

Help save our country, let your representatives at every level of government know that they need to stand up against Trump and his disastrous policies.

Trump – Lock Ivanka Up?

I’m a fair play kind of guy.

The rules should be the same, and everyone should play by them, and by god, if you are going to call someone out for something, you better make sure you have your house in order.

What bothers me the most about Team Trump is that they are whiny little bunch of rich people who pretended to be pro middle class, right up until they got into office and decided to screw us all over.

I didn’t vote for Trump so he could give billions back to the ultra rich and take screw me over on healthcare. I didn’t vote for Trump so he could do the very same things in office that the “other side” was doing.

If you have to cheat to win, you aren’t winning.