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Trump – Screw The Coast Guard

Trump doesn’t cares about the working men and women who secure our coastlines, airports, and other ports of entry.

Trump sees everything in only two ways. “Trump Wins”, or its “Fake News” are the only two options.

Trump is the worst president ever, and history will only darken our memories of him as we learn more about how his actions have harmed us now, and for years to come.

Trump – Screw your Refund

Trump only cares about two things. Being rich, and making sure that those around him know how important he is. He betrayed the middle class with his permanent tax give away to big business and the temporary, and tiny, relief he gave to the middle class.

Now those tax changes are coming back to bite many of us in the butt. Guess what, saying you cut my taxes, and seeing a small change in my paycheck, then having me owe money at the end of the year doesn’t help me.

I imagine a lot of other people in the middle class have the same issue.

Make Trump and the traitorous GOP pay the price. Don’t donate to the RNC until every Trump supporter has been forced out.

Trump – Screwing The Middle Class

Trump and his band of right wing, rich people only politicians passed a massive tax cut, giving huge amounts of money back to the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

That resulted in an equally massive deficit growth, and a tanking stock market.

Trump only cares about the super wealthy. Trump only cares about people with a lot of digits in their bank accounts.

Help save our country, let your representatives at every level of government know that they need to stand up against Trump and his disastrous policies.

Trump – Praising Criminals

Trump is a disgrace.

Trump has turned the party I love into a joke.

Trump has turned my party into a party that loves the massive deficit. Trump & Mitch just want an excuse to come after Social Security & Medicare. Guess what? Most of us in the middle class need those programs.

Instead you gave a massive tax cut to the super wealthy and corporations and said F U to the middle class.

Save our nation, vote out anyone who supports Trump.

Trump – Killing Healthcare = Shorter Lives

We live in the richest nation in the world.

Yet the Trump Republicans want to push even more wealth up to the richest. They don’t care if that means no Social Security for the disabled and elderly. They don’t care if that means no healthcare for the sick.

What does that mean for us, the working class? It means that we will be one illness from bankruptcy. It means we will be one illness from a shorter life.

Trump is literally killing our futures and the Trump Republicans don’t care. They just want a few more dollars to go to their super rich friends.

Trump – Loves The Rich – Hates The Middle Class

I consider myself a fiscal conservative.

We shouldn’t spend more than we make.

Those with more pay more, because they get more. Progressive taxes are fair. My reasoning is simple. If I have a cheap car, my car payment is small. If I have a super car, my car payment will be super big as well.  Well guess what, when you are super rich, the military protects more of your assets than mine. End of story.

What has become clear is that the Trump Republicans have turned on their own base. They have created so much hatred that the real facts are getting lost. Trump Republicans lied about the impacts of the tax cuts – which are now ballooning our deficit – and Mitch McConnell (not just a traitor to his party, but also his country) has admitted this week that because of the deficit – they need to cut Social Security and Medicare.

The middle class relies on those programs to survive.

Save our country – vote out the Trump Republicans and lets get back to true fiscal conservatism.

Trump – F*cking Us With His Tax Plan

I want you all to think about this stat as you go to vote in the Midterms.

The Trump Tax Plan was supposed to be revenue neutral at worst, and revenue positive at best. That means that they actually sold this load of sh*t to the American People by telling is it would be good for the economy.

Now the deficit is skyrocketing, and millionaires get a huge tax break while the working class not only gets screwed, but now the Trump Republicans are taking aim at Social Security and Medicare – saying they don’t have money to support those programs.

If you don’t have a SEVEN figure bank account, don’t vote for Trump Republicans. They are coming for our healthcare, they are coming for our jobs (shipping them overseas) and destroying/fighting against decent wages.

Trump – Tax Cuts Screws The Deficit

Trump, Ryan, and McConnell lied through their teeth.

The tax plan was supposed to be revenue neutral, or even generate revenue.

Instead my taxes went up while my boss is buying a new condo in Florida. I will end up with a net increase, while millionaires get huge dollars back.

Trump and the current batch of corrupt Republicans don’t care about us.

Save our nation, vote out all these bastards who only care about the super rich.

They are using this deficit to come after our Social Security and our Medicare. Make no mistake, they don’t care about fiscal conservatism, they just care about giving money back to the super rich. They don’t care that they are killing the golden goose.

Give a poor or middle class person a few hundred, or thousand, dollars, and we go out and spend it. Rich people put that money into the stock market and that doesn’t help the economy.