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Wake Up – Raise Taxes

I have a cousin who lives in a run down single wide on a hill in West Virginia. He’s a great guy if you want to go fishing or exploring the woods. I’d tap him on the shoulder in a heartbeat if the sh*t was hitting the fan – but – he’s also a die hard Trump Republican.

He’s convinced that he’s not as well off as he’d like because people who don’t deserver it are getting paid money to stay at home and have babies. And that is the sanitized version of what he would tell you if you got just a beer or two in him.

He has railed at me for supporting higher minimum wages – which would actually help him as he does odd job/construction as he can find it between working at every big box store and fast food chain within a 90 minute drive of his house.

He has been so brain washed that he is fine with CEO’s getting millions in bonuses, but the idea of paying the workers a few bucks more would destroy the economy.

The only conclusion I can come to is that Faux News has really done a number on him and its sad.

Save our country, vote out all the Trump Republicans and let’s take back our party. Taxes aren’t bad, we just shouldn’t spend more than we take in. But some things need to be done like infrastructure, living wages, and healthcare – and there is plenty of money out there to do it. We just need to take a little bit more from the super wealthy.

Voting Against Your Own Best Interests

The biggest hoax that Trump Republicans and Faux News have pulled, in my humble opinion, is the way they have convinced poor white people that the reason they are poor is because of poor people who aren’t white.

I have family in the hills of West Virginia and they are die hard Faux News voters. They blame people they’ve never met or seen for the fact that they struggle pay for the medications they need, all while blaming Obama for things he couldn’t possibly be blamed for – like 911.

Save our country, vote out anyone who supports Trump. Save the Republican Party from the Trump Republicans.

Politics – Satan Owns The Trump Republicans

Is food a right?

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

Proverbs 19:17

This is how I know that the Trump Republicans who wear the mantle of “Christians” are really the devil in disguise. Have they ever read the Bible?

Clearly the answer is no, because the Bible burns when the unholy read the words.

Politics – We Have The Money

This is where the Trump Republicans and Faux News have brainwashed a lot of low, and middle class families. They have made immigration a massive issue to defocus the masses of the real issue. There is plenty of money to do the things we want and need to do, they are just owned (literally) by the richest of the rich. They would rather people die because they can’t afford insulin (which costs a buck to make) versus paying anything in taxes.

Tax the rich, feed our kids, and give everyone healthcare.

Take back the Republican Party from the Trump Republicans with big ideas and kick out everyone who uses hate to get their voter base.

Politics – Trump Republicans Put Profits Over People

Every Senate Republicans voted against the Covid Relief bill even though 70% of the country wanted it to pass.

Now the same Senate Republicans are poised to make a party line stand against the infrastructure stimulus bill.

My Republican Party has been taken over by right wing zealots who are willing to destroy this country as long as the rich get richer. The Trump Republicans have given up on policy, and are instead trying to win through suppressing voter turnout.

As an honest Republican, I find this all disgusting.

Vote out anyone who supported Trump and let’s save out country.