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Voting Against Your Own Best Interests

The biggest hoax that Trump Republicans and Faux News have pulled, in my humble opinion, is the way they have convinced poor white people that the reason they are poor is because of poor people who aren’t white.

I have family in the hills of West Virginia and they are die hard Faux News voters. They blame people they’ve never met or seen for the fact that they struggle pay for the medications they need, all while blaming Obama for things he couldn’t possibly be blamed for – like 911.

Save our country, vote out anyone who supports Trump. Save the Republican Party from the Trump Republicans.

Politics – We Have The Money

This is where the Trump Republicans and Faux News have brainwashed a lot of low, and middle class families. They have made immigration a massive issue to defocus the masses of the real issue. There is plenty of money to do the things we want and need to do, they are just owned (literally) by the richest of the rich. They would rather people die because they can’t afford insulin (which costs a buck to make) versus paying anything in taxes.

Tax the rich, feed our kids, and give everyone healthcare.

Take back the Republican Party from the Trump Republicans with big ideas and kick out everyone who uses hate to get their voter base.

Tucker & Faux NEws Against America

Tucker’s rant on how anyone else coming into your neighborhood or country “dilutes” the value of your vote is just an amazing bit of video.

Listen to what this nutcase is saying. He’s claiming that Democrats are trying to let so many people immigrate that they can shift elections. This is just nuts. You don’t have more or less political power if someone else is allowed to vote.

If you have ideas and policies that actually work for the country, you can compete for everyone’s votes.

Save our nation, vote out these racist, white power loving Trump Republicans. Boycott Faux News and make our country better by keeping this crap off our airwaves.

Politics – Faux News Lies

I know that politics gets mean, but isn’t Fox supposed to be a news organization?

How can they just lie? I know its his opinion, but it is so demonstrably false?

This is what Trump has done to our country. He has destroyed the Republican Party and poured gas on the fires of division. Republicans can no longer compete on ideas, so they attack everything else.

I am worried for our countries future.

Republicants Love Liars

Ted Cruz, a Trump Republican, got up on the Senate floor and lied. He lied to the American people and to his peers.

The right wing, liar loving Trumpists will eat his sound bites up – and not know or care how false they are.

This is what will destroy our country.

Save Country, vote out Cruz and all the other Trump Republicans.

Trump – Tax Cuts For The Rich Bankrupt America

I live in a working class neighborhood. My next door neighbor is a very nice guy who works at a local plant and works as much overtime as he can.

I mentioned how mad I was that Trump’s tax cuts were just for the rich, and were driving up the deficit. I’m socially liberal, but fiscally conservative. I don’t think we should spend money that our grand kids will have to pay back.

My neighbor found some quote by some some Trumptard saying the tax cuts paid fro themselves from Faux News, and that is all he cares about.

This country is screwed if people don’t start to think for themselves. Trump is destroying our country, and Faux News is nothing but a propaganda network.

Save our country, vote out anyone who supports Trump and boycott any products that advertise on Faux News.

Fox News – SNL Edition

Fox news is responsible for Trump.

Fox news has twisted the Republican Party into a racist, rich only, party that ignores common sense and compassion.

The current crop of scared middle class Republicans vote against their own best interests because Fox News does its best to scare them at every turn, while their only goal is to support pro rich policies that ignore the needs of the common middle class family.