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Fat Guy – Annual Physical

I had my regular annual physical today – mostly because my insurance premiums go up if I don’t see my primary care doctor at least one time per year.

No big news, but it hit me while sitting in the room how impersonal it all seemed.

Which isn’t a comment on my doctor or the health system he works for – more about the way that healthcare has become a data collection driven enterprise. My doctor came in, washed his hands, looked in my ears, eyes, and felt my thyroid and ankles in less than a minute, then made small talk for the 10 minutes while he entered data into the systems electronic health record (which happens to be Epic).

Again, no ding on Epic – but I sat there as my doctor filled out whatever the computer mandated – but he only spent a minute with me.

I guess I’m old enough to remember when the doctor spent more time with their patient, scribbled things like mad, and went to the next room.

Hopefully all this electronic data means they will help us all live longer at some point.

Trump – Screw The Poor

I’m driven by a few basic concepts. I believe that everyone deserves to be happy, and I believe those with more have a duty to help those who have less. 

When it comes to taking care of those with less, a huge part of that is healthcare, and preventative care, the kind of care that Planned Parenthood supplies. Why would we want to keep the underprivileged from getting birth control? Who does that help?

As far as I’m concerned every man and women should have reversible contraception implanted at puberty. Free to get it put in, free to get it removed when the individuals have decided to have a child.

There should never be another accidental child again. Planned Parenthood helps us move in that direction.

Trump – Destroying Our Healthcare System

On top of lying about being for the Middle Class, and then giving a tax cut that only helps the super rich while ballooning the deficit, Trump also promised to make our healthcare system cheaper and better.

Instead, I’ve spent more this year than ever before on healthcare, and more children are uninsured.

Is there anything that Trump didn’t lie about?

Trump – Lying About Healthcare

Trump lied to get my vote.

End of story.

Trump promised he’d support the middle class. Instead he f*cked us over by passing a massive tax cut for corporations and the top 1%.

Trump promised he’d provide cheaper, better healthcare. Then he voted to kill the Affordable Care Act – and Trump Republicans have over 20 legal actions in process to kill it any way they can.

Now Trump and the Trump Republicans are claiming they will absolutely maintain coverage for pre existing conditions – at the same time they are trying to destroy those protections via the legal system.

Guess what? I’m not falling for it this time. Life long Republican (with a pre existing condition) who isn’t buying your sh*t anymore and voting blue.

Save our nation, vote out anyone who supports Trump.

Trump – Killing Healthcare = Shorter Lives

We live in the richest nation in the world.

Yet the Trump Republicans want to push even more wealth up to the richest. They don’t care if that means no Social Security for the disabled and elderly. They don’t care if that means no healthcare for the sick.

What does that mean for us, the working class? It means that we will be one illness from bankruptcy. It means we will be one illness from a shorter life.

Trump is literally killing our futures and the Trump Republicans don’t care. They just want a few more dollars to go to their super rich friends.