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Trump – Pushing Us Closer To The Edge

Faux News & the America Hating Trump Base is making excuses for what their dictator has brought about.

Trump praises attacks on the press:

Trump calls the press the enemy of the people:

Did Trump personally send those pipe bombs? Of course not.

Is Trump responsible for inciting this violence? Of course he is.

Trump attacks the media for reporting the truth. Those attacks have incited the far right extremists to violence.

Save our nation, vote out anyone who supports Trump.

Trump – Trying To Avoid His Past

You can’t live a life of corruption and not have it catch up with you when the spotlight is on you. Trump hid in plain site for a long time, but now that the focus of fully on him (and quite frankly all because of his actions) he is going to find that the truth is a b*tch to deal with.

I regret voting for Trump. I honestly believed his message. I was suckered by his populist, support the middle class message.

Every day of the Trump presidency he has showed that it was all talk. Trump screwed the middle class with his tax cuts. Trump screwed our country with his attacks on our allies and the way he cozies up to horrible regimes.

Now we need to make amends for our mistakes. Vote out anyone who supports Trump in the coming November elections.

Trump – Destroying Our Country

Trump is not the President of the United States.

It’s not me saying it, it’s him, with every word and action that he does and says.

Trump is only your president if you support him 100%. Anything less than blind loyalty means he wants you to be under his boot.

It was a huge mistake to vote for Trump.

I may have contributed to the end of the country I love.

Trump – Writhing Hydra Of Dishonesty

Trump is destroying our country one little bit at a time.

Trump is doing more to harm us than Putin could have ever hoped for.

Trump is attacking our allies, lying about trade between us and our best partners, doing everything to destroy the economy that drives our military – that keeps Russia at bay.

Whether Trump is a moron who was elected with Putin’s knowing or unknowing help, he is doing exactly what Putin wants – and that is destabilize our nation, destabilize NATO, and create an environment where Russia can do whatever it wants and gain wealth and power.

Trump is bad for the U.S.A.  Trump is good for Russia.

Save our Nation, vote out anyone who supports Trump.

Trump – We Didn’t Do It – But If We Did I Am Above The Law

Trump’s latest excuse for being a horrible person is disgusting. After saying he did nothing wrong, didn’t collude, and didn’t obstruct, his team is now saying, that even if he did, it was legal, because he’s the president.

This is potentially the end of our democracy. The moment anyone is above the law means we are doomed. How far does this go? If he orders the right wing nuts to shoot people who speak out against him and he pardon them, is that legal?

How far do we let Trump go before he declares himself the president for life?

How far do we let Trump go before he throws me in jail for calling him out on his corrupt ways?

How far do we let Trump go before he tells us to hunt democrats down and throw them in jail?

I am a Republican. I believe in the Constitution. I believe in the rule of law.

Trump is not a Republican (but he is destroying our party) and he doesn’t believe or even understand the Constitution. The question is – are we going to let him be above the law?

Trump – Never Ever Did I – Until I Got Caught

Every time Team Trump has claimed it didn’t happen – it turns out it did.

Now Team Trump is going into full tilt attack mode on the Department of Justice and the FBI.

If Trump was innocent he’d let Mueller finish.

I guess this means Trump isn’t innocent?

Vote out anyone who supports Trump and his Russian friends.

Anyone who supports Trump supports the Russians. Our enemies.

Vote them out. Save our country.

Trump – Setting The Bar From Above

The cruel and horrible comment that McCain no longer matters, as he’ll be dead soon, is because of Trump. He lies and he says horrible things on a daily basis, is it any wonder the people working for him say things like this?

Save our party.

Save our country.

Vote out anyone who supports Trump.