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Trump – Tax Cuts To The Wealthy Only

Trump gave a massive tax cut to his rich buddies and suck f*ck you to all of us in the middle class who made a mistake and voted for him.

What happened to that 10% tax cut he promised to the middle class right before the mid terms? Oh yeah, Trump is a liar and lies about everything from Russian involvement to having sex with people other than his wife.

Save our nation, stand up against Trump and put a check on his Pro Russia, Pro Corruption policies.

Trump – Not Above The Law

Trump is not our King.

Trump thinks he is above the law, that he can attack and belittle the FBI and attempt to end the investigation against him.

Why would an innocent man want to end the investigation that they previously said they will “fully cooperate” with?

Trump cannot be allowed to fire Mueller. Trump cannot be above the law.

Our country is at stake. Our country is on the verge of crumbling – and the current Congress does not seem to care.

If the president fires Mueller he should be immediately impeached.

Call your representatives, tell them no to tyranny.

Trump – A President For The 1%, And Only The 1%

Trump’s tax plan is a gift to himself and to the top 1%.

He has turned on his base. We voted for him because he was going to drain the swamp and support the little guy. Now all he cares about is giving huge sums of money back to the super rich on the backs of the middle class.

I want my Vote back!!!

Trump – Impresses Syria & North Korea With His Weakness

I voted for Trump and I want my vote back.

I was silly and believed what he was saying.

What happened to cheaper better healthcare? Cutting 800 Billion for the needy does not mean cheaper better healthcare to me. It just means the rich keep getting richer because the insurance companies don’t have to have minimum levels of coverage and can optimize their profits by “offering’ high risk coverage that no high risk person can afford.

What happened to ISIS is gone in 30 days? He said he had a plan? What happened to it?

Trump – Because You Hire Family For A Reason

I don’t know who Jason is, or if he really said this.

I don’t really care.

The bottom line is this is on of those statements that just rings true. The Family is important when it comes to large illegal enterprises – because who wants to send their brother, their father (or father in law) to jail?

How did this go from “No Contact With The Russians ” to , well, yes, a ton of us had contact with the Russians – but does it even matter?

Yes, it matters.

We did not elect you to be President of The United States of Russia!!!

We want you to represent us, the working class.

Impeach now!!!!!

Trump – We Didn’t Do it & If We Did, It’s Not Illegal

Team Trump started by saying they didn’t talk to the Russians.

No one on Team Trump talked to or even looked at a Russian.

Then it turned out EVERYONE on Team Trump talked with the Russians.

But hey, it wasn’t about politics, you all know how Russian agents just like to chat – to people trying to become President – right?

And now, after everything is leaking out – their final defense is – hey, even if we did, its not illegal right?

NO – it is illegal.  And immoral. And a traitorous act against the United States.

Anyone who defends or supports this Red President is a traitor to their nation.

Trump – He’s Destroyed My Party

My Party , the GOP, was supposed to be about family values and living with morals.

Somehow we were co-opted, infiltrated by those who don’t actually care about their brothers and sisters – and only care about he super rich.

Christian values means opening your arms to all those around you – to show them through your actions and acceptance where they should be. It is not about hating, or denying care, or marriage.

Fiscal Conservatism to me means that we don’t give the big banks and massive corporations tax cuts while pushing the burden of funding the country onto the middle class. Jesus would not want us to give more money to the rich would he? he told us not to worry about worldly possessions: “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth” (Matthew 6:19).

Yet my Party has been taken over by the rich and the self righteous.

My Party has been taken over by people who are so full of bile and hatred they will believe stupid news about someone they dislike – but not believe the preponderance of evidence in front of them when it doesn’t fit their narrative.

Thank you Donald Trump for showing me what my Party has become. The question is can we save it?

Impeach Trump. Wipe away the festering sore that is his administration. Let’s call for a special election and get things right this time.