Inspirational – Keep Perspective

I fell into the trap as a young man. I worked twenty hour days and spent weeks away from home. I thought I was doing the right thing by providing for my family.

My family would rather have had me there.

If you drop dead your work will replace you.

No one can replace you for your family.

Inspirational – Perfect Isn’t Perfect

I have gotten stuck in this trap in my life. I want everything to be perfect, but when everything has to be perfect you end up stressed, nothing looks right, and you end up living in a pressure cooker and not meeting your goals anyway.

Sometimes you have to just realize that good enough is good enough and move on.

Inspirational – Carrying It

I tend to be quiet. I don’t like being the center of attention and it takes a lot for me to reach out for help, but it is such an important skill to foster.

If you have friends who seem to deal with anything and everything without getting upset, make sure they are actually okay. Sometimes those are the people who are about to shatter from everything on their shoulders.