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Kera Tears Her CCL

A dog tearing its CCL is analogous to a human tearing their ACL. My dog Kera tore her CCL about a week ago. This is her in happier days when she could happily climb into chairs.

How did she tear her CCL? I’m not actually sure. My nephew came over to watch my dogs while I was on a business trip, and at one point he let them out, and when he went to let them back in Kera was sitting on the ground an refused to move.

I have a horrible back, so carrying her up and down the deck stairs wasn’t a realistic option, so my son and I went to the big box store and we built her a ramp. Kera couldn’t really climb stairs, but she could hop on three legs fairly well.

Which lead us to turn this:

Into this, a custom made dog ramp with rails and guides at the bottom so feet don’t slip off, all covered in fake grass.

A week after we built this we got in to see a vet who does CCL repairs, so more to come.