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Trump – Pro Russia, Anti American

Mattis quit because Trump was anti ally and pro Russia, pro China.

Guess what? NATO countries are our friends and Russia attacked us in 2016 and Trump doesn’t care.

I wonder why? Could it be that Trump is compromised and Putin has enough to bury Trump if Trump doesn’t do exactly what Putin wants – like pull out of Syria?

Save our nation, call your representatives at every level of government and tell them they need to be a check on Trump’s Pro Russia agenda.

Trump – Pro Russia, Anti Allie

General Mattis had enough, and that should scare us all. General Mattis was one of those who kept Trump from trying to use the Office of the President to become a dictator.

Mattis realized with Trump’s latest unilateral move in Syria that something isn’t right, that Trump is not acting in our countries best interest. While Trump screams about he wall to distract everyone, he then makes Putin’s and Erdoğan’s political dreams come true.

Mattis is very clear in his letter, and calls Trump out for not treating our allies with the respect they deserve, while kissing up to “malign actors”. Think about that.

We very likely have a full fledged traitor in the oval office, and that should scare us. The fact that the Republican Party has lost their balls completely just makes it worse.

Trump – Attacking The 1st Ammendment

Trump was supposed to be for the middle class. He was supposed to be so rich he couldn’t be swayed by petty politics.

What a load of horse crap he sold us before he was elected.

Now he attacks our constitution and weakens our nation at every turn.

Why does Trump hate the 1st amendment? What is Trump so afraid of?

Save our nation, call your representatives and tell them you support the press, the 1st amendment, and want the Mueller probe to be completed.

Trump – Manchurian President

Where is my Republican Party?

My Republican Party stood up to Nixon when he refused to follow the rule of law.  The current Republicans in Congress appear to be willing to become complicit traitors as Trump pushes us closer to World War 3, and make no mistakes. If Trump let’s Putin have his way, there will be tanks rolling across Europe as Russia tries to remake the Soviet Union.

Save Our Nation from this Weak on Russia president and congress.

I call to all moral and good Republicans to stand up against this corruption.

Trump – Attacking Iran As A Distraction

Would Trump start a war with Iran to distract us from his collusion with Russia?

I think he would.  I think Trump is self centered enough and doesn’t care about our country enough that he would send our soldiers to die, all so he could claim to be a war time president – and attacking him while we are at war is deplorable.

Trump is going to destroy our country.

Help save it. Vote out anyone who supports Trump and his Weak On Russia Congress before it is too late.


Trump – Kissing Putin’s Ass

Trump is a disgrace.

He kissed Putin’s ass and blamed both sides.

I am so tired of Trumps Weak On Russia stance.

I want dead hackers. I want the news covered with reports of dead Russian hackers found all over the world.

You do not attack my country without paying the price.

Now if we only had a President who wasn’t in the pocket of our enemy.

Trump – Loves Putin, Attacks Our Allies

Trump is attacking our allies while getting cozy with Putin.

It is almost like Trump is not acting in the best interests of the United States isn’t it?

Why is Trump so Pro Russia and Anti America? Why is Trump so weak on the Russian hackers?

Maybe its because Trump isn’t in this for the benefit of the Unites States?

Trump – Making Russia Happy Is All He Cares About

Trump is destroying the free world.

He does not care what he does to our allies or their economies.

Why does Trump not care? Why does Trump attack our allies who have fought and bled with us in Iraq and Afghanistan but refuses to say a negative word about Putin and Russia?

Why is Trump so weak on National Defense and won’t go after the Russian hackers?

There is only one reason I can come up with. Trump is not working for the best interests of this country, instead he’s working to make sure the Russians get what they paid for when they elected him.

Save our nation. Vote out anyone who supports Trump and his Weak on Russia congress.