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Police Don’t Prevent Crime

I support the police. This isn’t an anti police rant. This is a pro Middle Class, pro humanity rant.

If spending on police made you safe, we would be the safest country in the world. But the reality is that many other countries spend a fraction of what we do on police, but have significantly lower levels of crime.


Those countries don’t let their citizens die from lack of healthcare. Those countries don’t degrade the poor and working class who are one medical issue from bankruptcy.

The final nail in our coffin? We (in the US) have made prisons a for profit industry. As soon as someone profits from jailing their citizens, there is a very real, and evil motive, to make sure things keep getting worse and worse – or at least perceived that way.

Vote out Mitch & Kevin and help me take back the Republican Party!

POlitics – To Serve And Protect Or Prepare for Combat?

All I can think about when I see giant armored vehicles like this is the quote from Adama (Battlestar Galactica).

The municipality said something about rescues during floods. Is there not a cheaper, less armored, more cost efficient way to move around in a flood? Also, what happens when the flood water gets over 4 or so feet? Doesn’t this become useless?

It’s almost like that’s an excuse and they just wanted to buy a military truck?

Reclaim The Republican Party

What Trump and Cindy Hyde-Smith want the Republican Party to be is disgusting and destructive.

We need to take back the Republican Party and follow a straight forward set of principles. The message should be clear and simple, and it has nothing to do with racism.

  1. Fiscal conservatism – we don’t spend money we don’t have. If it is worth doing, it is worth prioritizing.
  2. 1st Amendment – we support gun rights. At the same time things have to change. Gun laws should not be managed at the state level, it makes no sense. Gun laws should be managed at the federal level. There should be a national gun registry and the police should be able to see if the house they are pulling up to, or the car they pulled over, is owned by a gun owner. Support our boys in blue, give them the tools they need to be safer out on the street.
  3. National voting system – the voting management system should be protected from external influence, and the only way to do that is at the national level. States just don’t have the ability to mange this or fund it. I should be able to vote online with a national voter key, and it will show me my state level options based on my registration. But one system, managed by the federal government.
  4. Taxes – income is income. It makes no sense that a banker pays one rate while a carpenter pays twice (or more) because his income was from labor. The tax code needs to be simplified, and those with more have to pay more – because they get more from the system. End of story.
  5. Healthcare – its a right, not a privilege. We need a national healthcare program. I don’t care if there are private insurances as well, but a national system is a must in this day and age, and yes, taxes will pay for it. End of story.

I don’t care who you love or who you have sex with as long as everyone is a consenting adult. I don’t care what gender you are or what gender you were born with. I care about my country and making sure that people like Trump and Cindy Hyde-Smith are driven out of the Republican Party.

Bad Gun Handling – Do The Same Thing Every Time

People make silly assumptions. They assume that because someone handed you a gun that it must be unloaded right?

Whenever you are handling a firearm you treat it the same way every time – no exceptions. This minimizes the risks that something like this will happen.

The fist time you pick up the weapon:

  1. Clear it – even if you just saw the guy handing it to you clear it. Don’t trust anyone assessment of that weapon other than your own.
  2. Safe it – I don’t care if it is cleared, always put it on safe.
  3. Only point it at something you intend to shoot – because if you screw up or make a mistake on rules 1 or 2 this last one could save your life or the life of someone around you (as well as your fingers and your job).

I’ll Fix The World Thursdays – Police Violence

There have been a lot of bad things in the press recently. Some of it is quite scary.

The good news is that I have a two step process that will stop 100% of unjustified police violence.

  • Step 1
    • All patrol officers will wear body cams.
    • The majority of cops are good people doing a touch job for not a lot of money. The issue is how to find the few bad apples in the bunch who are willing to do unjustified things. And the sad truth is the only way to do that is to just record everything.  And I think in the long wrong it helps everyone.
    • Body cam footage is public domain. You have to register to see it and sign a release saying you realize you may see NSFW and some scary shit. You cannot use the footage to generate income.
  • Step 2
    • Educate the public.  If a cop stops you and you believe your being detained or questioned in violation of your rights, answer his questions or shut up. But don’t argue or fight. Don’t escalate. Do what he says and let his body cam record what is going on. If he really is violating yours rights it will be caught on camera.
    • Never, under any circumstances run from the police or try to resist them. If you think the cop is wrong fight it later with the body cam footage.

I’ve got cops in my family. I support the police and think they have an incredibly hard job. Don’t make it harder. I see the douches out there trying to capture police on video, instigating in the hopes they can get a cop to do something to make their video a viral hit. Just stop.

If you see a cop doing something you think is wrong by all means record it. But don’t do it as a set up. It’s just a d*ck move. FixF

New Orleans Cop Doing Something Illegal?

I don’t have any context here (I looked and can’t find a back story) but it certainly looks very “wrong”.

Don’t the police need to have a warrant to come into your house? Someone commented this was over a noise complaint. I just don’t see how a cop can ask for your ID and then come through your door?

I support the police and think everyone should respect them, but at the same time, I am a huge supporter of the wearable video that they use in some jurisdictions. Police complaints go down when everyone, not just the cops, realize that everything is on tape.