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Trump’s America Is Disgusting

This is what Trump’s hatred does to our country.

This man is a veteran.

He fought in Vietnam. Nathan Phillips deserves our respect, and our thanks. But Trump has created an environment were just because Mr. Phillip’s is different, he is a target for “MAGA” inspired hate.

What is Covington Catholic High School teaching their students? What kind of education leads to the displays of hate and mob mentality that this school clearly installed in these kids?

If you have a child at Covington Catholic High School, you should pull them out before they turn into a rabid racist. Why is a High School allowing “MAGA” hats on a school trip? What happened to a separation of church and state?

Boycott Covington Catholic High School. Please let me know if anyone out there is planning legal action to pull their funding or seek damages for Mr. Phillips and I will 100% support it here.

This is disgusting. This is not what a Great America looks like.

I Live In A Racist Town

I live in a small town. Some parts of that are quite nice. It is usually fairly quiet and I’ve seen deer in my side yard a few times. The downside is that there are a few “good old boys” in town and I feel like I always have to be careful with what I say. I generally stay quiet, because some of them live on my block, or worked where my son’s had summer jobs, and were in management positions over them.

What makes me write this? Just one of those casual episodes of hatred. I stopped to get gas and the middle aged Caucasian man pumping my gas said he was having a rough day. I told him I hoped it got better, which apparently was enough to make him vent his story.

The short version is that his sister, his son, and his son’s girlfriend, and their baby moved back into his mother’s house (where he also lived), and he got kicked out for claiming the girlfriend was drugging the baby.

Which is when he literally said “I’m not a racist, but I hate Mexicans.” He then proceeded to say that his son’s girlfriend (said Mexican) didn’t even use the bathroom, but peed into coffee cups and defecated into coffee cans – not because they didn’t have a bathroom, but because that was what “Dirty Mexican’s” did. Of course he brought up the wall as well.

He then screwed my gas cap on and I drove away, feeling sad and guilty. Sad because someone hated someone because of where they were born. Guilty because I didn’t say something stronger for fear of the social consequences.

I live in a small town. I have a son in high school. It is sad to say that I don’t want to “rock” the boat because I’m worried about what these same racist, bigoted small town individuals might do.

How sad is that?

Trump – Nothing But Lies

I disagree with Trump about the wall.

Immigration on our southern border with Mexico is not the #1 threat we are facing. But for Trump it creates a way to stir up his racist base, and now, after claiming he was going to make Mexico pay for it, he wants to force our own people to foot the bill.

Trump lies about everything.

Let your representatives know they need to stand up to this corruption and put a stop to Trump’s madness.

Trump – Starting A New Civil War

Trump and people like Cindy Hyde-Smith are playing to the worst segment of our population. They highlight what makes us different, they play on peoples fears.

This is not what My Republican Party represents.

We are a country that opened our arms to the world and made our nation great through diversity. Of course we have to acknowledge our countries history, but at the same we need to also acknowledge that we have fought through those times and moved forward.

Don’t let Trump and Cindy Hyde-Smith take us back to the days of the Civil War and of Segregation. We are a stronger nation for celebrating our differences and sharing all of our cultures. My Republican Party is about policy – not racism. Please come join me by voting out anyone who supports Trump.

Trump – White Supremacists Celebrate

Trump is tearing our country apart. He attacks our institutions with no care for the long term impact. Nothing matters to Trump, nothing but blind support for Trump.

Are you a racist? Trump doesn’t care as long as you support him blindly.

Trump attacks our courts, our institutions, anyone who dare attempt to moderate him in any fashion.

Save our country. Call your representatives, tell them that our country is not a dictatorship.

Trump – Pro Racist, Anti American

Trump brings out the worst in people.

Trump preys on their fears and lets their worst thoughts and feeling come to the surface, because he threatens them with lies about migrants coming to rape and pillage and spread disease.

I am glad the house went to the Democrats. I am glad because Trump is a would be dictator, and someone needs to be a check on his ego and his power.

I fell for Trump’s lies during 2016. I am sad and scared that so many people voted red in support of him in the 2018 midterms.

God save our country.

Trump – Who Doubts He Said The N Word?

I really wanted Trump to be a force for good.

I believed (like an idiot) that he had enough money and only cared about us working stiffs.

I wanted him to make healthcare better and cheaper, to put money into our infrastructure, and to make sure that there was a living wage.

It turns out that Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his rich friends, and now even someone paid to lie for him won’t claim the guy hasn’t used the N word.

Save Our Nation from Trump and his toxicity that is destroying the Republican Party as well as our country.