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POlitics – Infiltrated & Taken Over

I’ve been a god fearing, 1st amendment Republican my whole life.

All that has gone away with Trump and McConnel. They have turned the party into something that isn’t about fiscal conservatism, and instead into a cult that is willing to support a man who has thrown the match that started a fire that resulted in cops being killed.

Anyone who supports Trump is a traitor to our constitution.

End of story.

Vote out anyone who supports Trumpism.

Trump Traitors

I’m a gun loving, fiscal conservative and used to consider myself a Republican, but I can’t be part of any party that is trying to overthrow our government.

I call on every sitting Senator and every member of Congress to charge anyone supporting these actions with sedition. They should be tried as traitors and face the full force of the law.

There is ZERO evidence of any voter fraud and the current Seditious Republicans still claim the election has been stolen.

This is a lie, and is now a call to violence, as you can see by the TRAITORS who have overtaken Washington.

They are TRAITORS.

Try them, and let them face the consequences of their actions.

Trump – Sinking Ship

Too little, too late.

I am a gun toting, fiscal conservative who doesn’t care who you f*ck as long as you are both consenting adults. I don’t care if you are gay, trans, or straight. You love who you want to love.

What I do care about is the fact that Trump and Republicans I thought were fiscal conservatives blew a massive whole in our debt to give tax cuts to my bosses, bosses, boss.

What I do care about is that Trump didn’t go after his Red Friend Putin when our soldiers had bounties put on their heads.

What I do care about is that Trump is a horrible example for my kids. He’s greedy, he’s a cheater, and he on tape saying horrible things.

Save our nation.

Republicans for Biden!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump – Would Be King

Trump doesn’t understand the basics of how our government works and the sitting Republicans are such scared, impotent men and women they won’t stand up to them.

How sad is it that a life long Republican is cheering the Democrats on? If Trump is allowed to do whatever he wants this country is going to be ground to dust and Trump’s would be authoritarianism.

Trump – Major Clean Up Required

What happened to my party? I remember a time when the Republican Party was about law and order – not corruption and trying to shield Trump’s behavior from justice.

When the report if finally out, and when we know the full extent of just how much Team Trump was in bed with the Russians, I call on everyone who backed Trump, to step down. You are corrupted and can no longer be trusted to make good decisions.