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Trump – Major Clean Up Required

What happened to my party? I remember a time when the Republican Party was about law and order – not corruption and trying to shield Trump’s behavior from justice.

When the report if finally out, and when we know the full extent of just how much Team Trump was in bed with the Russians, I call on everyone who backed Trump, to step down. You are corrupted and can no longer be trusted to make good decisions.

Trump – Tax Cuts To The Wealthy Only

Trump gave a massive tax cut to his rich buddies and suck f*ck you to all of us in the middle class who made a mistake and voted for him.

What happened to that 10% tax cut he promised to the middle class right before the mid terms? Oh yeah, Trump is a liar and lies about everything from Russian involvement to having sex with people other than his wife.

Save our nation, stand up against Trump and put a check on his Pro Russia, Pro Corruption policies.

Trump – 2018 Year Of Chaos

Trump was supposed to be a pro middle class president, not a pro Russia, anti ally president who would destroy our economy.

2018 was a total sh*t show and I’m really worried about what 2019 will bring.

I’m hoping my Republican Party grows a pair of balls and stand up for the rule of law, but I honestly don’t know if anyone left isn’t a Trump Traitor. Mitch doesn’t care about the rule of law, he’s fine with Trump being in Putin’s pocket as long as he gets to f*ck the middle class.

Save our nation, stand up to anyone who supports Trump and vote them down, vote them out.