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POlitics – Infiltrated & Taken Over

I’ve been a god fearing, 1st amendment Republican my whole life.

All that has gone away with Trump and McConnel. They have turned the party into something that isn’t about fiscal conservatism, and instead into a cult that is willing to support a man who has thrown the match that started a fire that resulted in cops being killed.

Anyone who supports Trump is a traitor to our constitution.

End of story.

Vote out anyone who supports Trumpism.

Trump Traitors

I’m a gun loving, fiscal conservative and used to consider myself a Republican, but I can’t be part of any party that is trying to overthrow our government.

I call on every sitting Senator and every member of Congress to charge anyone supporting these actions with sedition. They should be tried as traitors and face the full force of the law.

There is ZERO evidence of any voter fraud and the current Seditious Republicans still claim the election has been stolen.

This is a lie, and is now a call to violence, as you can see by the TRAITORS who have overtaken Washington.

They are TRAITORS.

Try them, and let them face the consequences of their actions.

Trump – Sinking Ship

Too little, too late.

I am a gun toting, fiscal conservative who doesn’t care who you f*ck as long as you are both consenting adults. I don’t care if you are gay, trans, or straight. You love who you want to love.

What I do care about is the fact that Trump and Republicans I thought were fiscal conservatives blew a massive whole in our debt to give tax cuts to my bosses, bosses, boss.

What I do care about is that Trump didn’t go after his Red Friend Putin when our soldiers had bounties put on their heads.

What I do care about is that Trump is a horrible example for my kids. He’s greedy, he’s a cheater, and he on tape saying horrible things.

Save our nation.

Republicans for Biden!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump – King Of The F*CkTards

Trump was ordered to pay $2 Million dollars for misuse of charitable funds, which he used to pay for campaign finances.

The Trump family was disallowed from operating any charity in the State of New York because they stole from a kids cancer charity.

Trump has credibly accused of rape.

Trump, in his own words, admits to grabbing women by their “p*ssies

Trump paid off porn stars. While he was married. While his wife was pregnant.

Trump University closed and paid damages for being a fake University.

Who likes Trump? Low moral, idiots. What makes them vote Trump? I can only guess they are single issue voters, and racism is their key issue.

What else is there?

Trump – Anti Voting, Anti AMerican

Trump is liar and a cheater.

Trump is willing to burn down our country to satisfy his desire for power.

The US Postal Service isn’t a business, it’s a service to make sure that everyone can get mail. Our forefathers put the USPS into the constitution because they knew how critical it was to make sure that every American, regardless of how far away they lived from a major population center, could send and receive mail.

The USPS isn’t a business, its a service.

It is also a threat to Trump and the Red Republicans who have been taken over by Trump and his Russian pals because if people are allowed to vote freely, the Red Republicans will be kicked out of the White House, and likely the Senate.

Take back our Nation, be a proud Republican like myself and vote Blue in 2020. Save our nation, vote out every Republican who supports Trump.

Trump – Helping Putin Pay Bounties On American Lives

Trump refuses to defend our troops from Putin’s cash for kills program.

Trump is anti American, Pro Russian, and its only a matter of time before we find out why.

What is my guess? My suspicion is that when we get his tax records we are going to find out Deutsche Bank funnelled him cash from Russia.

That would certainly explain why Trump can’t lift so much as a finger against Putin.