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Trump – Cut Defense Spending For Useless Wall Funding

Trump screwed the middle class with his “tax cut” for us that gave Billions to the ultra wealthy, and now he is taking money that was meant to defend our country from Russia to spend on a useless wall!!!

Imagine that, Trump doing something that hurts our country and benefits Russia. Go Figure…

Trump – Russians Everywhere

Why are there so many Russians around everything with the Trump Administration?

Why are the Russians trying to help Trump even know as Mueller tries to get to the bottom of what actually happened?

Why is Trump so against Mueller doing his job?

I think the answer is fairly clear. Trump is compromised, and the Republican Party has been compromised as well by trying to obstruct the truth coming out.

Save our country, save the Republican Party, don’t support any Republican who supports Trump.

Trump – Major Clean Up Required

What happened to my party? I remember a time when the Republican Party was about law and order – not corruption and trying to shield Trump’s behavior from justice.

When the report if finally out, and when we know the full extent of just how much Team Trump was in bed with the Russians, I call on everyone who backed Trump, to step down. You are corrupted and can no longer be trusted to make good decisions.