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Trump – Tax Cuts To The Wealthy Only

Trump gave a massive tax cut to his rich buddies and suck f*ck you to all of us in the middle class who made a mistake and voted for him.

What happened to that 10% tax cut he promised to the middle class right before the mid terms? Oh yeah, Trump is a liar and lies about everything from Russian involvement to having sex with people other than his wife.

Save our nation, stand up against Trump and put a check on his Pro Russia, Pro Corruption policies.

Trump – Pro Russia, Anti American

Mattis quit because Trump was anti ally and pro Russia, pro China.

Guess what? NATO countries are our friends and Russia attacked us in 2016 and Trump doesn’t care.

I wonder why? Could it be that Trump is compromised and Putin has enough to bury Trump if Trump doesn’t do exactly what Putin wants – like pull out of Syria?

Save our nation, call your representatives at every level of government and tell them they need to be a check on Trump’s Pro Russia agenda.

Trump – The Truth Is Coming

It is driving Trump crazy that the truth is coming out. He doesn’t get to just lie and lie without consequence any longer.

Any Republican who tries to block us from Trump taxes is a traitor to this country. We have to know if Trump is in Putin’s back pocket because of funding previous projects.

What kind of patriot would not want to know that?

Trump – At Least 16 Staff With Russian Contacts

On top of learning that Trump only cares about rich people, the other thing I learned after voting for him is that pretty much everything he says isn’t true about himself, turns out to be true.

So it is only a matter of time before we find out that Putin has a lot of power of Trump. It explains Trump’s negativity towards NATO and why he is so pro Russia on every front.

Save our nation, let your congressmen and women know you want them to put a check on Trump’s Pro Russia agenda. 

Trump – Paul Manafort Lied

I am disgusted with my Republican Party.

I thought we were the party of Law & Order. That is what I voted for.

It turns out that the Republican Party is full of power hungry traitors who will cover for Trump because he has an R in front of his political affiliation.

Help me take back the Republican Party and bring civil discourse back to government. We need strong fiscal policies, not gerrymandering and power grabs to stay in power. We need to adapt to the current environment and help shape policies that voters want – not drive them through fear.

We need to stand up against anyone who is corrupt – and that puts a great many current Republicans in the “Traitor” bucket as far as I’m concerned. 

Trump – Connections To Russia In Team Trump

How many people on Team Trump were talking to the Russians?

Does Trump expect us to believe that everyone around him was corrupt and he had no idea what was going on? And if that is true, is that any better?

Save our country, let your representatives know they need to put a check on Trumps pro corruption, pro Russia agenda. 

Trump – When Will The Lies End?

When do we find out the truth?

How can we believe the Trump organization when every time new evidence comes out their story changes?

When my five your old does that I know he’s lying.

I trust him more than I trust Trump or any of his Red Congress who is willing to cover for a Russian compromised president.

Stand up, tell your representatives that you want them to protect Mueller. We need to be Strong Against Russia.

Save Our Nation. Vote out anyone who supports Trump and his Weak On Russia congress.

Trump – Our Russian President?

What will it take?

Trump has been caught in so many lies about Russia, and then admits that he stopped the Joint Military Exercises because Putin told him to.

Trump is a threat to our country.

He is either a Russian agent, or the dumbest man in the country who was pushed into the office by the Russians because Putin knew that Trump would tear apart the U.S.A from the inside.

Save our Nation, vote out anyone who supports Trump and his weak on Russia supporters.

Trump – I Am Responsible

I am responsible for the mess our country is in.

I am a registered Republican and I bought into the Drain the Swamp and Make America Great Again.

I am not a racist. I am not a nationalist.

I was swept up by the media and the excitement of doing something that broke us out of the status quo.

I wish I could take my vote back.

Trump is governed by one thing, and one thing only, and no one can control his ego. This is bad for our country.

Save our nation, put your country over your party and vote out anyone who supports Trump.

Trump – Lots Of Russian Contacts

How much more time do we need before this gets wrapped up?

Trump lied multiple times. He point blank said he fired Comey over Russia.

What person in their right mind doesn’t think Trump has been compromised by the Russians?

We need to get rid of this Weak On Russia president and everyone who supports him.

Take back the Republican Party, vote out everyone who is Weak On Russia!!!