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ZOMBIE MOVIES – Dead Don’t Die in Dallas (2019)

Dead Don’t Die in Dallas (2019) is really not so much a zombie movie as a movie about how some people let hatred rule their lives. As a social commentary on stupidity, this is a great movie if your trying to let someone you know and love that they should be who they want to be and love who they want, this is a great door opener. Be warned, there is graphic verbal depictions of sex, so its probably not a great door opener if your talking to a twelve year old – but then again what do I know?

As a zombie flick however, Dead Don’t Die in Dallas doesn’t fare quite as well. I like hordes of the undead and at least a few mass zombie killings when it comes to my undead flicks.

So as a LGBTQ zombie flick this gets a 100/100, but as a zombies eating people with hordes descending on the masses, this gets a 1, for a total score average of 51/100.

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Trump – Worst Christian Ever

How can anyone look at Trump and see a model of faith?

He only cares about the bankers and the money lenders (the super rich).

He thinks it is okay to Grab Them By The P*ssy.

He can’t stop lying.

He is destroying the Republican Party.

Vote out anyone who supports Trump.

That means keeping local Trump Supports like Fran Grenier out of office. We have to send a message and take back the GOP.

Trump – Heresy

I believe that no person of true faith would ever say Opposition to Trump is Opposition to God.

To me, this is heresy.

Proverbs 16:18

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

How much pride must a man have to claim he knows the will of God?

How low will he be brought on the day of judgement?

So many of have been corrupted. The rich have fed money into churches that do nothing but beg for money – and then tell the rich that their wealth is a sign of their goodness.

So much evil in the name of faith. It disgusts me that my beloved Republican Party has been taken over by the likes of Trump and his sycophants.

Religion – The Strength Of Your Convictions

If your religion gives you the strength to love and be kind, great.

If your religion gives you the drive to feed the poor or give blankets to the homeless, great.

If your religion gives you the balls to tell other people they aren’t allowed to use contraceptives or get abortions you’re an asshole.

And if you religion is worth killing for, well, please start with yourself.