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Voting – What Century Is It?

I don’t understand how we can continue to have issues with voting machines and recounts in the current day and age.

Voting is’t just a right, but a duty. Making that duty harder to fulfill gives people an excuse for not participating.

We should demand a federal voting system. Everyone should get a standardized federal voting ID – and that ID should then map the voter to their state, district, and county.  The voting should be centrally managed. No more of this bullsh*t about signatures and demographic mismatches.

I should be able to sign onto a secure system, vote, and that should be tallied in minutes, not days.

When I move I should not have to jump through different voting regulations to make sure I can still cast my ballot. That is insane.

We have the technology, and sure some people may not have internet – but polling stations can just be a PC and those voters do the same thing from that voting station that they could do from home.

And guess what? I can vote form anywhere, because when I authenticate, it is going to map me to my state, county etc, so if I work in Pennsylvania, but live in New Jersey, I can still hit a voting station at lunch in Pennsylvania because it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Call your representatives, call your reps, demand that we fix this voting debacle.

Find your Senator using this link.

Find your Representative using this link.