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Trump – What Would We Have Heard

What did Rosenstein hear in the oval office that he thought wearing a wire would give them evidence against Trump?

Think about that. This isn’t a minor action being contemplated. What crazy anti American, Pro Russian, garbage was Trump spouting to have the acting FBI director willing to wear a wire.

How corrupt it Trump? I’m scared, because I think he’s corrupt enough to try and become a dictator. He truly believes he’s “the best president ever”.

Save our nation, vote out anyone who supports Trump.

Stop the traitors from harming our nation any further, stop donating to the RNC until they denounce everyone who supports this Weak On Russia president.

Trump – Russian Owned?

I know people who went nuts over Obama because of his birth certificate.

There was zero proof he was born anywhere but Hawaii. Those same people refuse to admit that Trump was, at the very least, surrounded by staff who are now going to jail because of ties to Russia.

Are they morons? I don’t think so. Are they gullible? Yes.

They have been poisoned by Faux news to believe lies, and don’t have have enough exposure to other, real news, to make an informed decision.

Trump – Surrounded By Russian Assets

Why are there so many Russian assets around Trump?

Is he compromised or just incompetent?

Does it matter? He’s already destroyed the Republican Party for a generation and is working on destroying our country as well.

I’m a proud, gun loving, Republican. But I’m also a reasonable, thoughtful human being. Love who you want to love, pray to your god, just don’t tell me what to do either, and then of course, the main reason I’m a Republican is because I don’t believe we should spend money that our grandchildren will have to pay back.

I regret voting for Trump. He goes against everything I believe in.

Save our country, save our party, vote out anyone who supports Trump.