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Fat Guy – Back Pain Sucks

I thought I was doing so well this week.

I was able to do two 60 Minute Challenges and hold a pace of nearly 3.5 miles for two days.

I thought I was going well. Then when I woke up yesterday my lower back and lower right hip were throbbing. Throbbing that migrated to the front of my thigh.

I have been very depressed today because I thought maybe I was over the worst of my back issues, but clearly if I push myself to walk too far/too fast, I am in pain for a few days after, which just sucks.

It makes me feel old and sad.

I’d convinced myself that all those doctors who told me I’d need a fusion at some point were wrong. I still hope they are, especially if I can lose more weight, but this just feels like a kick in the balls.

I’m still walking and can move, so this back pain episode is nowhere near as bad as ones that have put me on my back for a week, but its just a reminder that my back is still fragile, and that makes me feel vulnerable.

Men in our society aren’t allowed to be vulnerable.

Samsonite Million Mile Bag Goes Down

I’ve had my Samsonite bag for a long time, and it has traveled all over the world with me.

For two years (50 weeks a year) I was bi-coastal and would fly to San Francisco on Monday and fly home on the red eye Thursday night. Yes it sucked and was very hard on the family, but it was better than moving to the west coast and pulling my children from their schools.

I’ve also traveled all over the world for different conferences and to India multiple times as my development teams have always been there or in Romania.

The reason I’m telling you all this is that I’ve had a single carry on bag I use (as I refuse to check luggage) and that bag had a catastrophic failure on my way home from SFO yesterday. One of the wheels got caught in the elevator gap and was ripped off as I rolled through.

Very sad, this bag has been a fixture of my life as I’ve traveled. You will be missed, and I can only hope my next bag lasts this long as well.

I don’t keep track of my puddle jumper flights, so I know I’m way over a million miles on this bag. These are all the major legs.

Trip VolumeTripRound Trip MilesTotal
100PHL to SFO5042504200
30PHL to MUC8262247860
1PHL to BCN78487848
1PHL to VIE86668666
6PHL to BLR16808100848
4PHL to MSY21768704
1PHL to PNQ1589415894
16PHL to ORD135621696
6PHL to LAS435226112
3PHL to BNA13504050
11PHL to MCI207622836
21PHL to ORL171035910
1PHL to SXM33403340
Total Miles:1,007,964

I Live In A Racist Town

I live in a small town. Some parts of that are quite nice. It is usually fairly quiet and I’ve seen deer in my side yard a few times. The downside is that there are a few “good old boys” in town and I feel like I always have to be careful with what I say. I generally stay quiet, because some of them live on my block, or worked where my son’s had summer jobs, and were in management positions over them.

What makes me write this? Just one of those casual episodes of hatred. I stopped to get gas and the middle aged Caucasian man pumping my gas said he was having a rough day. I told him I hoped it got better, which apparently was enough to make him vent his story.

The short version is that his sister, his son, and his son’s girlfriend, and their baby moved back into his mother’s house (where he also lived), and he got kicked out for claiming the girlfriend was drugging the baby.

Which is when he literally said “I’m not a racist, but I hate Mexicans.” He then proceeded to say that his son’s girlfriend (said Mexican) didn’t even use the bathroom, but peed into coffee cups and defecated into coffee cans – not because they didn’t have a bathroom, but because that was what “Dirty Mexican’s” did. Of course he brought up the wall as well.

He then screwed my gas cap on and I drove away, feeling sad and guilty. Sad because someone hated someone because of where they were born. Guilty because I didn’t say something stronger for fear of the social consequences.

I live in a small town. I have a son in high school. It is sad to say that I don’t want to “rock” the boat because I’m worried about what these same racist, bigoted small town individuals might do.

How sad is that?

RIP Stan Lee

Stan Lee had amazing imagination. He created heroes and worlds and took us all along with him as he made us care about the characters he brought to life on the page. He let us explore other worlds and imagine what a world with super heroes would be like.

Spider-Man was my personal favorite. I read the comics and watched the cartoon as a kid. Stan Lee gave me me someplace to go and experience another world when my own was maybe not so great.

You will be missed Stan.

Trump – The Answer To Violence Is More Guns?

Let me start by saying that I have guns, more than my SO would like me to have.

I like to shoot clays and go to the handgun and rifle range for target practice.

I enjoy taking new shooters to the range to get them into the hobby.

Okay – now that this it out of the way – Trump is a complete idiot. A complete insensitive idiot.

The response to a horrible event like what happened in Pittsburgh isn’t to blame the victims. He suggest its really their fault by claiming their lack of having an armed guard – AT A CHURCH SERVICE!!!!! – is to blame for these people dying.

Trump is a complete and utter disgrace to this country.

The solution to gun violence is not more guns.

The solution to gun violence is a single, federal gun registry.  Every gun, every person. Law enforcement should not have to guess if you have a weapon when they show up to a house for a domestic disturbance.

Guns are a privilege – and there should be very strict consequences around that privilege. Pass an amendment to the constitution. Behind on your taxes? All your weapons are forfeit. Get a driving while under the influence ticket (alcohol, drugs, I don’t care) you lose your federal firearms ID for ten years. End of story. Post violent messages online? There should be a court to arbitrate and assess the risk – and those who are deemed to be questionable should have their gun rights removed.

We can manage this issue – but not by putting our heads in the sand and demonizing every effort to save our country from the scourge of gun violence.

Save our nation – vote out anyone who supports Trump.

Trump – A Choice

I love my guns.

I like to go to the range on a regular basis.

I also believe that there has to be reasonable gun controls and mechanisms to protect our police.

Trump on the other hand doesn’t think reasonable gun control can help fix the problem, and his team uses the same old bullshit. If the fix doesn’t work 100%, then it’s not worth doing it.

I’m not an asshat so I don’t go for that type of “all or nothing” approach.

Things that need to happen:

  1. Federal firearms register. Every gun, every person. My family who are in law enforcement shouldn’t have to wonder if the house they are rolling up on has firearms when they get called for domestic abuse or any other call. Having a register would mean that you can take someones rights away if they violate specific laws like stalking, domestic abuse, or reckless endangerment.
  2. Federal laws. This state to state bullshit is a joke. My buddies across the state can walk into a store and buy whatever they want. I have to wait six months to buy a handgun – even though I already own a dozen. It makes no sense and doesn’t really make a difference. Make it federal, and make it make sense. If I have a handgun and have owned it for over a year I should not need a permit (and be forced to wait) for every subsequent handgun. I’m clearly a collector and like to own different weapons.
  3. Strict enforcement and follow up. You can walk into any police station and surrender a gun you no longer want.  But every transfer has to be done. It can be done online with a simple form.  But violating it means you lose your rights to own a weapon. End of story.

Save our nation from the bastards that have taken over. Save our kids.