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Police Don’t Prevent Crime

I support the police. This isn’t an anti police rant. This is a pro Middle Class, pro humanity rant.

If spending on police made you safe, we would be the safest country in the world. But the reality is that many other countries spend a fraction of what we do on police, but have significantly lower levels of crime.


Those countries don’t let their citizens die from lack of healthcare. Those countries don’t degrade the poor and working class who are one medical issue from bankruptcy.

The final nail in our coffin? We (in the US) have made prisons a for profit industry. As soon as someone profits from jailing their citizens, there is a very real, and evil motive, to make sure things keep getting worse and worse – or at least perceived that way.

Vote out Mitch & Kevin and help me take back the Republican Party!

Capitalism Uncontrolled

Any philosophy taken too far can turn it into something bad.

Capitalism has gone too far. The working class has been turned into indentured servants with low wages and the risk of losing healthcare if you lose your job (if your lucky enough to have healthcare) – and all so that a few ultra elites can have more – when they already have more than they could ever consume in their lifetime.

When do starving children and people dying because they can’t afford medications or healthcare weigh more heavily than corporate tax cuts and tax cuts for the wealthy?

*This is an opinion piece.

Argue with me in the comments if you disagree with my views.

FAuX News Instigating Violence?

Faux News and the McConnel/McCarthy Republicans have created a right wing conspiracy that masks and vaccines are somehow the same as putting Jewish Citizens in ovens and killing them. These radical Trump Cultists have told their base through Faux News and right wing media that attempting to manage Covid-19 is the same as the horrible events that happened in WW2.

It is crazy, it is a lie, and now doctors and nurses are being attacked because Faux News, and the McConnel/McCarthy Republicans have lied to their base.

Tell me how they are not responsible for this violence?

*This is an opinion piece.

Argue with me in the comments if you disagree with my views.

Evangelicals – Sold Their Souls TO Satan

Religious people who hate the poor and the sick disgust me.

My faith tells me to help those in need, not to criticize them for their misfortune.

So many evangelicals have sold their souls to the devil for the perceived victory of banning abortions – all while offering zero policies or institutions to help make sure that teens don’t get pregnant in the first place, and to take care of them if they do.

Satan has son the hearts of so many, and used an orange devil to do it.

*This is an opinion piece.

Argue with me in the comments if you disagree with my views.

Backwards Republican Logic

Mitch McConnel and Kevin McCarthy have been compromised by their hunger for power. They are willing to sacrifice our children’s lives to stay in power, and willing to fear monger against any logical gun control, no matter how much it hurts our country.

I am a gun owning, frequent shooter, and I believe we need to change our gun laws. There are too many differences between states, and there is more management of getting a drivers license than a gun. That makes no sense to me.

Mandatory training with range time with a pass/fail. You can try three times in a year.

Every gun gets registered and is searchable. Cops should not walk up to a car and be surprised that the driver has access to firearms. They should know that before pulling up to a domestic violence complaint or pulling a car over. Save cops lives!!!

Help me save our country and our children, vote out Mitch & Kevin and take back our power from the 1% who don’t care how many of us die as long as they stay rich.

*This is an opinion piece.

Argue with me in the comments if you disagree with my views.