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Right Wing Cousin

I have a right wing cousin who lives in West Virginia who loves to send me Facebook facts. You know the kind that stir up the base with facts that aren’t true? Today’s was about how the Democrats (he hates me because even though I’m a Republican, I think Trump is a wanna be dicktator) are going to destroy this county with a 70% tax rate. I tried to explain how our tax brackets work, but I think he’s had too much white lightening to grasp how our tax system really works.

Unless you make more than the top tax bracket you are never going to hit that 70% bracket. It impacts the super wealthy, and if you are like me, that might be your bosses, bosses, boss. For the bottom 99% of Americans, it just doesn’t impact our paychecks – but it does impact our healthcare, the roads we drive on, and the schools our kids to to.

Save our country, tax the rich, and rebuild our country.

Politics – Trump Sucked As A Leader

Trump gave a huge tax break to the super rich that ballooned the deficit.

That money could have been spent on healthcare and infrastructure.

Trump was a horrible leader and the Republcian Party has been taken over by the ultra rich top 0.1%.

Trump was a horrible leader. The only thing he excelled at was lying, destroying our democracy, and giving the worst, racist, segment of our population a national voice that should scare us all.

Marjorie Taylor Greene – The Face Of Trumps Republican Party

This is what Trump has done to the “Old Republican Party”. It is now filled with unintelligent Trump worshippers who’s only policy is hate.

Save our country, save the Republican party, vote out anyone who supports Trump. Vote out anyone who supports hate and bigotry. Let’s vote them all out and get back to our core values. For me that means not spending money we don’t have – and helping the middle class.

The New Republican Party should be about fair taxes, fiscal conservatism, universal voting and universal healthcare. Let’s make our ideas the centerpiece, and win.

Trump & Mcconnell – hate Lawe Enforcement

Trump lead the traitors and insurrectionists to the capital and Mcconnell let Trump off the hook.

If you support the police, you can’t support the current Republican Party, they have turned against our country, our constitution, and the rule of law.

Every so called Republican who voted to acquit Trump needs to be voted out. They need to be held accountable for turning on our country through every legal means, even if we have to wait until the next election cycle to get rid of all of them.

POlitics – Infiltrated & Taken Over

I’ve been a god fearing, 1st amendment Republican my whole life.

All that has gone away with Trump and McConnel. They have turned the party into something that isn’t about fiscal conservatism, and instead into a cult that is willing to support a man who has thrown the match that started a fire that resulted in cops being killed.

Anyone who supports Trump is a traitor to our constitution.

End of story.

Vote out anyone who supports Trumpism.

Trump Traitors

I’m a gun loving, fiscal conservative and used to consider myself a Republican, but I can’t be part of any party that is trying to overthrow our government.

I call on every sitting Senator and every member of Congress to charge anyone supporting these actions with sedition. They should be tried as traitors and face the full force of the law.

There is ZERO evidence of any voter fraud and the current Seditious Republicans still claim the election has been stolen.

This is a lie, and is now a call to violence, as you can see by the TRAITORS who have overtaken Washington.

They are TRAITORS.

Try them, and let them face the consequences of their actions.