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Trump – Corruption Everywhere

I voted for Trump because I thought he was going to bring change. I was an idiot who bought into the “I’m so rich I can’t be bought” story and ended up helping to not only destroy my party, but also my country.

Save our nation, vote out anyone who supports Trump. Party no longer matters, the Republican Party has been taken over by men and women who worship only one thing, and that is gold.

Remember Matthew 19:24

Trump – Guilty Of High Crimes

I’ve been a Republican for all of my adult life.

Trump has destroyed my belief in our party and damaged my belief in our political system.

Winning is not winning if you cheat.

People are not pawns. Our country is great for reasons Trump could never understand, because we help those in need, and provide hope for a better life. Putting people in cages is not the American way.

I hope there is undeniable proof, because my friends are die hard Trumpists, and facts don’t seem to matter anymore – but maybe, just maybe, with enough proof smacking them in the face they will realize Trump is destroying our country, and not just for today, but for tomorrow as well.

Trump – Tax Cuts For The Rich Bankrupt America

I live in a working class neighborhood. My next door neighbor is a very nice guy who works at a local plant and works as much overtime as he can.

I mentioned how mad I was that Trump’s tax cuts were just for the rich, and were driving up the deficit. I’m socially liberal, but fiscally conservative. I don’t think we should spend money that our grand kids will have to pay back.

My neighbor found some quote by some some Trumptard saying the tax cuts paid fro themselves from Faux News, and that is all he cares about.

This country is screwed if people don’t start to think for themselves. Trump is destroying our country, and Faux News is nothing but a propaganda network.

Save our country, vote out anyone who supports Trump and boycott any products that advertise on Faux News.

Supreme Court Says F*ck you America

The United States was built on top of a fundamental principal.

We fought the Revolutionary War to free ourselves from the minority in Britain trying to dictate to the majority in the 13 colonies. We didn’t want the minority dictating taxes to the majority.

Now the Supreme Court just destroyed our country. Gerrymandering means the minority stays in power, and the voting majority can go f*ck themselves.

The United States is on a path to its on destruction.