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New Jersey Panic Buying

My sister who lives in North Jersey sent us this picture yesterday. This is her local supermarket, and the bread aisle was just empty.

This is what happens when the Trump administration fired the U.S. pandemic response team in 2018 to cut costs.

Thanks for putting us all at risk to save a few more dollars to give the top 1% that massive tax cut.

Trump has been the worst vote of my life, and I regret it everyday. Vote anyone but trump for 2016!!!!

Empty Bread Aisle In North Jersey

Empty Shelves At Walmart

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) panic has hit South Jersey. My local Walmart looks picked over. I haven’t seen so many empty shelves since Hurricane Irene hit in 2011. There are just lots and lots of empty shelves.

I actually just went to get dog food and cat food. I was able to get cat food, but the dog food was sold out. More out of morbid curiosity than anything else I went and took a look at the water aisle and toilette paper aisle and I bet you can guess what I found.

Nearly Empty Water Aisle.

There was just one sad bottle of water left, but it had fallen and the bottle was crumpled. I guess no one wanted the squished bottle…yet.

Next I hit the TP aisle.

Empty TP Aisle.

The TP aisle was completely empty. As an American it is just weird to see. We are so used to always having whatever we need close at hand. I can totally see how this feeds into the panic even more. People see empty shelves, which they aren’t used to seeing, and they figure if they do see something they need, they better stock up.

Let’s hope this blows over soon, but Trump has been managing this crisis like the ill equipped, rich boy he is.

Breaking News – Trump Broke Law

We have three branches of government for a reason. A President is not a king. Trump can’t just decide to change what Congress approved, and any Congress that would let him deserves to be thrown out.

Trump broke the law, Trump obstructed Justice trying to hide that fact, and now Mitch McConnell is going to do his best to let Trump get away with it.

Trump – Destroying America

I watch these and laugh for a moment, then I get scared.

I am a registered Republican. I believe the constitution is the only thing that stands between us and the end of our democracy. I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. In a sentence, I don’t think we should spend money we don’t have, and that you should be allowed to love who you want to love.

Trump is destroying not just my GOP, but also this country. The constitution is very clear. There are three branches of government, and the reason for that is to have checks and balances. The same Republicans who wrote the current rules being used to investigate Trump are the ones claiming they aren’t fair – and that they don’t have full access to the hearing – even though the same is true for the democrats. Members from both parties have access, but not everyone.

Claiming this is an illegitimate process is nothing but partisan politics, and it begs the question? Are all the Republicans pulling these stunts as corrupt as Trump? Are they also bought and paid for by Russia? I remember the good ole days when being a Republican meant being for law and order. Now that means supporting corruption and Russian money.

The danger in what Lindsey Graham and Matt Gaetz is that they are screaming at the top of their lungs that the process is hidden and unfair – when it is not – but there are the right wing extremists like an umpire for the MLB umpire who thinks the process is so one sided that he is going to buy a rifle and revolt.

Lindsey Graham and Matt Gaetz are traitors to this country. Vote them out. We, my Republican Party wrote the rules which are currently being followed – and when the rules are only good when we use them, then our country is dead.

Save our nation, vote out anyone who supports Trump.

Save our nation, remember every Republican who stood up and screamed that Trump was just and right. Because the truth is going to come out. Trump is bought and paid for with dirty cash, and every Republican who supports him has to be suspect – and voted out.

Trump – Traitor To Our Country

Trump stopped hundreds of millions of dollars of aid that was headed for the Ukraine, to fight Russians.

Trump does not have the power of the purse. That is Congress’s job.

Trump illegally held the funds that his buddy Putin does not want flowing to Ukraine, and then uses that as pressure to get a foreign power to try and find dirt on a political opponent.

Trump is a traitor to this country.

Impeach now, save our nation.

Trump – Corruption Everywhere

I voted for Trump because I thought he was going to bring change. I was an idiot who bought into the “I’m so rich I can’t be bought” story and ended up helping to not only destroy my party, but also my country.

Save our nation, vote out anyone who supports Trump. Party no longer matters, the Republican Party has been taken over by men and women who worship only one thing, and that is gold.

Remember Matthew 19:24