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Revolver & Slugs At The Club

My son asked me to take him out so he could shoot my new (to me) revolver so I packed up the Model 64 and my shotgun and took him out to the range.

2015_04_08_Revolver_1 He surprised me with how much he enjoyed shooting the old wheel gun. I think it might actually be his favorite handgun to shoot now.

In between squeezing off round with the Model 64 we also used my 870 Tactical to put some slugs and buckshot down range. Here are some of his early shots (and a slug that goes high and to the left).


And then we worked a bit on fire, reload, and fire again. He’s handling these slugs like a champ.



Smith & Wesson Model 642015_SW_Model_64


Smith & Wesson Model 64 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
10/07/2016150This really is one of my favorites. Pulling back the hammer forces me to pause - which usually helps my aim.
09/04/201550Just a quick outing to start off our weekend.
05/09/2015150The .38 is clearly a fun gun to shoot. Everyone was waiting to shoot it and I only brought three boxes of ammo for it - and they went quick.
04/26/2015100Everyone loves the semi autos but for some reason they always keep reaching for the wheel gun too. There is just something about pulling back the hammer and firing with a good wheel gun.
04/25/2015100My son wanted to shoot the revolver so I took him out to the club. He had a ball.
03/28/2015200My brother went through all my 38 ammo! But it was worth it, he was hitting the target much better with the revolver. I don't think he likes the sites on my CZ or Glock.
02/08/2015100My first rounds with my new to me S&W Model 64.

Remington 870 Tactical Log:2013_Remington870

DateRounds FiredComments
07/11/201650Took a buddy out to shoot clays but the clay launcher was under repair so we ended up shooting pistols and slugs.
05/09/201525We went through a bunch of slugs while at the range. There is just something awesome when you send slugs own range.
05/03/201550My song plinked away with his Remington 597 while I did my best to put some big holes in the wood with 12g slugs at 100 feet. I was a little high, I need to adjust the peep sights I just put back on.
04/26/2015150We used a 28inch barrel to bust clays and then an 18 1/2 inch barrel for some slugs at the range.
04/23/201525Ryan and I put some slugs and a few buckshot downrange.
06/03/2014100I put a 28 inch barrel to use it to shoot some clays.

CZ 75 Log:2013_CZ75_P01

CZ 75 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
10/07/2016200My oldest is trying to get into the police academy and asked me to take him out.
09/04/201550Just a quick outing to start off our weekend.
05/09/2015150My brother, his buddy, and my youngest went to the range and let loose with a ton of lead. We had a ball.
04/26/2015100Took my friend, his son, and my youngest to the range to plink.
03/28/2015150Took my brother shooting. He has no luck with the semi autos but loves my Model 64.
02/08/2015100A few rounds on a beautiful summer day in the middle of winter.
07/27/2014100A few rounds with my buddy, his son, and my youngest.
06/07/2014200There was a long pause after my back surgery. Thankfully I am mobile again.
11/15/2013200Post Purchase Review

Archery Tower Day

I meant to put these up Saturday but it got busy.

We are lucky enough to belong to a club that has a tower to practice your tree stand shots from. This is me looking back up at it as we went to collect arrows.

And this is my youngest about to shoot the boy he got for Kmiss. I’m amazed at how good of a shot he is. He is slowly losing his vision because of a congenital eye disorder and yet he is a way better shot than me with his bow! (We are looking to get a laser stripping procedure next summer that should remove some of the scar tissue from his eyes. Fingers crossed.) The important thing is he doesn’t let it slow him down. He’s an amazing kid.




Bad Gun Handling – Shoot Smart

At first glance it looks like this guy is doing the right things. He’s got eye and ear protection. Then you notice he’s shooting a big gun with a muzzle break – and the end of that weapon is right next to his break lights.

Not a huge shocker when it blows to pieces.

Shoot smart, know your weapons and how the perform. With a little forethought this guy wouldn’t have had to spend a hundred bucks on a new taillight.

A Half Round Of Clays

My youngest son and I went out this morning and shot a half round of clays. He complained that he wasn’t doing well, but ended up beating me, the little brat. My right leg has really been bothering me again, and sadly I found out I have re-herniated a disc in my back, so my game is still a little off.



Date Benelli M2 Rounds Fired Comment
09/14/2014 120 First clays of 2014 season.
10/05/2014 120 Solo day.
10/10/2014 110 A bit cloudy, but a beautiful day.
10/19/2014 120 I kicked butt on the beginner/intermediate stations but got my butt kicked by the rabbit.
10/25/2014 6 First duck hunt of the season. Got 1 wood duck using Kent FastSteel #4.
11/09/2014 100 Took my Ry and Jonathan out to practice. Was a mild and very nice day.
11/29/2014 120 Did a quick practice round. My back was hurting a bit though. Time to go back to the Doctor.
12/14/2014 200 It was in the 40s today and really nice out. There was a tournament going on at M&M but my oldest is very new to clays so we stuck to the beginner course and had a ball.
12/20/2014 120 Ry and I had a morning round of clays. The temps were in the mid 30’s so I was glad I had a warm hat.

Sporting Clays

It was a bit cold and windy but a beautiful day to go shoot a round of Sporting Clays today. Once we were in the woods and walking around the wind barely bothered us and we had a ball.

My nephew Logan and I did a round of 50 clays this morning, and my personal results were way better than the first time I went. This was a different club, and it was only a round of 50, but I did a heck of a lot better. Part of that was I was using my own shotgun today, and part of that was that the course was probably a bit easier than the first one as well.

My nephew has beat me at the clays the last couple times we went to the trap range, but today I reminded him that I’ve been shooting a lot longer than he has. Especially on the back half of the course, where I only missed 3 clays.

December 1, 2013 34/100
Today 32/50


Today’s Scorecard:


Range Day

After getting my four cases of ammo from BulkAmmo.com I finally got out to the range.

I brought my 870 Remington Tactical out for the day.2013_RangeDay_Rem870_1

She’s been upgraded with a Remington Recoil Pad which takes this gun from “Painful and bruising,” after a few dozen slugs to “I can shoot all day.” I’ve got a few more customizations coming in the next few weeks. (Parts are here, just need to find time to do the work.)


I started at 120 feet with a single slug from a standing position. 2013_FederalSlugTactical

Overall, not bad.
The 870 is really a short to medium range weapon in the smooth bore configuration. So I’m quite happy with this accuracy at this range, and it was the first round cold.

Next I moved on to a three round “burst”, firing as quickly as I could.2013_June_Range_Day_3ShotsR
My first and last shots were close, buy my middle shot was further out to the left.

Next I moved on to the buckshot.2013_RioBuck9Pellet

I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the spread on these at 120 feet. Having said that, they were pretty much dirt cheap, and I plan an seeing how accurate they are at 45 feet next time I go to the range. My gut tells me they will be just fine at short distance, which combined with their price, makes them the perfect zombie shot.

At 120 feet the spread was so bad that only two out of nine of the shot hit the target. So I will stick with slugs for anything just a bit further out.

Overall, it was a good day at the range, and I capped off taking pictures with a three round “burst” of buck shot. I didn’t count the hits but in rapid fire mode I actually got a lot better hit to miss ratio than the first shot were only two out of the nine pellets found their mark inside the target.