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Trump – It Is About To Be About The Cash

The emoluments clause sounds complicated. It really isn’t.

In a nutshell, it states that no public servant may accept anything of value from a foreign state. It makes sense right? If a senator, or a President, could be bribed by a foreign power, like Russia, that would be really bad right?

In the past, Presidents with morals who cared about the Constitution, would put their finances into a trust and divest of financial instruments that might expose them to the risk of being “paid” by a foreign power.

What did Trump do? He said he’d put Eric & Donald Jr. “In charge” and legally kept ownership. He then blocked the sale of a government building to another hotel corporation that would have competed with the Trump International Hotel and allows himself to be influenced by foreign powers buying hotel space and real estate from him.

Does Trump strike you as someone who treats everyone the same? Hell no. He makes it very clear. If you support him, he supports you, regardless of what you’ve done. If you question him even a little, he freaks out and attacks like a two year old.

No imagine what he’d do for you if you were giving him millions of dollars by buying real estate from him?


Trump – Cutting Corporate Tax Rates = Gifts For The Rich

I vote Republican for two main reasons. I think the National Debt is too high and I want a strong military.

I don’t care what you do in your bedroom.

I don’t think taxes are bad. They pay for our military and our sick.

I voted for Trump because he said he would help the middle class. I am angry that I have been lied to. The Republican Party has been taken over by the super wealthy – and all they care about is their super rich friends.

This tax bill is a slap in the face to middle america.

Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell have turned on the American People. They are traitors to our country, selling the middle class down the river, literally shifting taxes from the Middle Class to give money back to the super wealthy.

I want my vote back.

I want my country back.

This isn’t just bad, it is a travesty. This is not fair. This is bad. This is evil…

Trump – Doing What He Warned Us Against

Trump is selling our country down the river so his rich buddies can get even richer.

He warned us that Hillary was bought and paid for but forgot to tell us he was even worse.

He wants to cut 800 BILLION from low income healthcare funding so the top 1% can get a massive tax cut.

What happened to the Trump who was for the middle class?

Trump – A President For The Wealthy Only

Trump – a President trying to turn the United States into Russia where the oligarchs and the super rich own the country and run the place like their personal fiefdom.

Cutting healthcare to give the rich a tax cut – because they somehow earned it by already having everything?

How can anyone in the middle class ever vote for the GOP again?

How did we the GOP become the party of the wealthy, for the wealthy?

What happened to Christian values? To helping the poor? To feeding the hungry?

Thank you Trump for driving the point home – my Party has turned against the people it was supposed to help.

America – Where Higher Education Is A Debt Sentence

This is just what the right wants. Privatize everything.

You can’t get a better job without paying to get an education.

You can’t get out of jail unless you have money. (Poor people fair far worse in our legal system.)

And three small crimes can land you life in jail under three strike laws.

And who gets all that money?

The top 1%.

The right.

They don’t care about you or me or anyone who can’t afford to buy a house in the Hamptons and fly there whenever they want.

Higher education shouldn’t be un-attainable. And jails shouldn’t be profit centers for the rich who own those private prisons.

The Economy Is Just Fine

Guess what, the economy is just fine.

The issue is that the laws have been rigged so the top 1% gets all the wealth. If they didn’t we’d have money to send our kids to college. Money to fix our roads and bridges. And instead of trying to incarcerate our way out of the drug problem (which just puts more money into the coffers of the rich who own the FOR PROFIT PRISONS) we could afford treatement centers.

Want to fix the poverty issue? Tax any income over a million dollars at 75% and restrict companies who use offshore tax shelters from doing business in the USA.

You want to keep your revenue out of the country but sell here? F-U