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Trump – Destroying The RNC

I regret voting for Trump.

I regret falling for his lies and believing he was going to help the middle class because he already “got his”.

I regret the fact that Trump is being allowed to destroy the Republican party and our country.

The current Republicans are going to pay on voting day for what they have allowed Trump to do, and I am one of those Republicans who will be voting against anyone who supports Trump and his train wreck of a presidency.

Trump – Screw The Coast Guard

Trump doesn’t cares about the working men and women who secure our coastlines, airports, and other ports of entry.

Trump sees everything in only two ways. “Trump Wins”, or its “Fake News” are the only two options.

Trump is the worst president ever, and history will only darken our memories of him as we learn more about how his actions have harmed us now, and for years to come.

Trump – Surrounded By Russian Assets

Why are there so many Russian assets around Trump?

Is he compromised or just incompetent?

Does it matter? He’s already destroyed the Republican Party for a generation and is working on destroying our country as well.

I’m a proud, gun loving, Republican. But I’m also a reasonable, thoughtful human being. Love who you want to love, pray to your god, just don’t tell me what to do either, and then of course, the main reason I’m a Republican is because I don’t believe we should spend money that our grandchildren will have to pay back.

I regret voting for Trump. He goes against everything I believe in.

Save our country, save our party, vote out anyone who supports Trump.

Trump – Screw your Refund

Trump only cares about two things. Being rich, and making sure that those around him know how important he is. He betrayed the middle class with his permanent tax give away to big business and the temporary, and tiny, relief he gave to the middle class.

Now those tax changes are coming back to bite many of us in the butt. Guess what, saying you cut my taxes, and seeing a small change in my paycheck, then having me owe money at the end of the year doesn’t help me.

I imagine a lot of other people in the middle class have the same issue.

Make Trump and the traitorous GOP pay the price. Don’t donate to the RNC until every Trump supporter has been forced out.

Trump – Screw The Working Poor

Trump doesn’t care about anyone in the middle class.

Rules were added so predatory lending would be stopped if a consumer couldn’t realistically pay back a payday loan. Trump’s Protection Bureau is removing that so they can just give out the money, and trap those people in a never ending cycle of debt.

The rich are making a profit off the poor, and Trump doesn’t care.