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Trump – Forced To Make A Decision

How did we get here?

What happened to “the greatest negotiator” ever?

Trump couldn’t manage his way out of a wet paper bag, and now our whole country is paying the price.

Let your representatives know at every level they need to stand up to Trump and retake the Republican party. We should be about fiscal conservatism and helping out country grow via strong policies.

Kick the racists out of the Republican party.

Kick the ultra rich who only care about themselves
out of the Republican party.

Save out country.

Trump – Holy F – Russians Everywhere

I feel like the worst has gone crazy.

Every time we turn over a stone in Trump World there is a fucking Russian under the rock.

I’m a fiscal conservative who is socially liberal. I voted for Trump because (like an idiot) I believed he might actually have enough wealth not to be swayed by big corporations and stand for the little guy.

I regret my vote so much. It turns out Trump only cares about the super wealthy.

I wanted to support “Put America First” but I now realize it was just a marketing slogan. Trump has no idea what America means. He let’s Russia and other nations run over us and refuses to go after the people who attacked us.

I want Trump voted out of office and I want a strong leader who sill put heads on the table. Hackers and those who attacked our election should be hunted down and killed. No questions, no mercy. Let’s find them and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Let’s return to the days when being a Republican meant supporting a strong military and caring about the middle class.

Trump – Raining Cash On The Rich

Trump’s tax plan has driven up the deficit will giving Billions back to those who need it the least.

If you want to stimulate the economy wipe away taxes on the first 100K you make.  You’ll see all that money go right back into the economy.

But no, Trump is beholden to the super wealthy and he had to pay them back.

Trump and the current Congress has turned on the middle class. Vote out anyone who voted for this tax giveaway to the super wealthy!!!

Trump – Leaving, Fired, & Indicted

I have come to the conclusion that Trump could not manage his way out of a wet paper bag.

I was lured in by his wealth at first because I thought anyone who is in charge of so much had to have some skills right? I learned too late that if he’d just put his Dad’s money into an index fund he’d by multitudes more wealthy now.

Jump to the current state and every time the Trump team is faced with undeniable proof or corrupt members of their team they completely wash their hands and say insane things like “we didn’t know it wasn’t allowed.” I’m sick and tired of this horrible administration and can’t wait to vote Blue for the first time in decades during the November elections.

If my party won’t stand up to Trump they are just as complicit as he is.

Bring on the Blue Wave in November and save our country!!!

Trump – Picks The Worst People Ever

Trump really is a horrible manager. I realize that now. The alarm bells should have gone off over the bankruptcies before the election.

Trump said he picked only the best people. That statement scares me now. If he thinks the two people who are now indicted, a senate candidate accused of pedophilia, and multiple staffers who are credibly accused of beating their wives, are really the “best staffers” we have a major problem.

Trump sold a vision.

I bought it.

I was so, so wrong. I want my vote back. I want my party back. I want a strong, fiscally conservative Republican Party that isn’t out to screw everyone but the top 1%.

Vote out anyone who supports Trump and his horrible policies. Take back our country.

Country over party.

Trump – Supported By Russian Bots

Trump’s support was bolstered by 500,000 Russian retweets, and Trump & Tillerson don’t think there is anything we can do to stop the Russian meddling, so why try?

It is almost like the people getting that support have no interest in stopping the Russians from meddling.

I don’t care who the Russians supported. Interfering with our elections should be considered an act of war. I want Russian hackers tracked down and I want hear about server farms in Russia found full of dead hackers. How did it happen? Who knows.

But I want Russia to pay.

Not Trump, Trump and Tillerson don’t care. Very strange, it is almost like they like Putin’s help isn’t it?

Anyone who supports this Weak On Russia president has to be voted out. Anyone who supports this Weak On Russia Congress has to go.

Take back our country. Take back the GOP.

Country Over Party!!!

Trump – Wants Sessions To Clean House

If you weren’t guilty why would you try and remove everyone investigating you?

Why is the Republican Party bowing to Trump and forces that could destroy our country?

At least when Nixon was corrupt the Republican Party did the right thing and did what was necessary to make sure he didn’t subvert justice.

Not now….

The Republican Party now just wants to wash the corruption under the bridge because all they appear to care about is tax cuts for the 1%. I guess selling our country out to the Russians is less important than making sure their rich donors get their pay back.

We have to put our country before the party. We have to take back the GOP and vote out anyone who supports Trump and his Weak On Russia policies.

Take back our country. Take back the GOP.

Trump – Tax Plan For The Rich

Trump’s tax plan is going to give $1.50 back to a secretary, and Trump & Paul Ryan think the average person is going to cheer for this while millionaires and billionaires get back more than most of us will make per year as a tax cut.

It is disgusting. The Middle Class is being killed by Trump & Ryan’s policies. They have turned the once proud Republican Party into a party of Weak on Russia sympathizers and traitors to fiscal conservative principles.

The Tax cuts are going to raise the deficit. End of story. I’m a fiscal conservative because I don’t think we should spend money we don’t have.

I thought my Republican Party was with me on that basic principle of not spending money we don’t have. It turns out Trump and Ryan were just saying they were fiscal conservatives to get my vote – and I want it back.

I want my vote back. I want my party back, I want a strong military and policies that help the Middle Class. Not policies that are Weak on Russia and only help the super wealthy.