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Trump Republicans – Give The Rich more Cash

Trump promised me lower taxes, then his tax cut drove my taxes up by several thousand dollars. He didn’t care that I was a Republican in a blue state, he just wanted to f*ck over my state because they didn’t worship him like a god.

So disgusting.

Save our country, save our party, vote out anyone who cares more for the top 1% than all of us who voted them into office.

*This is an opinion piece.

Argue with me in the comments if you disagree with my views.

Tax The Rich

I hate the Trump Republican argument that taxing the rich removes their incentive to keep the wheels of the economy turning. First of all, I think that is total bullshit, but more importantly, what do starvation wages do to the incentive to keep showing up every day? Of having a family and growing the economy organically?

Save our country, vote out all the Trump Republicans who want to keep pushing the taxes onto the middle class.

*This is an opinion piece.

Argue with me in the comments if you disagree with my views.

Trump Republicans – The Rich Rule

This is the core of why the rich supported Trump. He gave them massive tax cuts that the Middle Class is paying for.

This is the same reason they don’t want to make voting easier and fairer. As long as the super rich can buy off Faux News and scream that “someone else” is to blame for why our roads are crumbling and people die because they can’t get needed meds or healthcare, then this country is f*cked.

Help me take back the Republican Party – vote out anyone who supports Trump.

*This is an opinion piece.

Argue with me in the comments if you disagree with my views.

POlitics – Minimum Wage

I don’t understand why Trump Republicans are voting against raising the minimum wage. It is such a short sited view of the world.

I’m a capitalist, and to me any company that can’t afford to pay a living wage and survie, should be forced out of business. This will make the economy healthy, and make sure that corporations aren’t existing only because of what amounts to slave labor.

The second reason I am all for raising the minimum wage is that every dollar you give to the lower and middle class, they put that right back into the economy by buying things. That helps everyone.

Be smart, take back the Republican Party from Trump Republicans and let’s win on ideas and policies, not fear and racism.

Politics – Income Inequality

When the only thing that matters is corporate profits, the working class become no better than indentured servants.

We are the richest nation on the planet, yet we are 11th in health outcomes. The income inequality means that people die because they can’t afford medications.

Vote out anyone who supports/ed Trump and the Trump Republicans.

Let’s start a new Republican Party and defeat the Democrats with big ideas!!!

Right Wing Cousin

I have a right wing cousin who lives in West Virginia who loves to send me Facebook facts. You know the kind that stir up the base with facts that aren’t true? Today’s was about how the Democrats (he hates me because even though I’m a Republican, I think Trump is a wanna be dicktator) are going to destroy this county with a 70% tax rate. I tried to explain how our tax brackets work, but I think he’s had too much white lightening to grasp how our tax system really works.

Unless you make more than the top tax bracket you are never going to hit that 70% bracket. It impacts the super wealthy, and if you are like me, that might be your bosses, bosses, boss. For the bottom 99% of Americans, it just doesn’t impact our paychecks – but it does impact our healthcare, the roads we drive on, and the schools our kids to to.

Save our country, tax the rich, and rebuild our country.

Politics – Minimum Wage

Any business that requires slave wages to survive doesn’t deserve to stay in business.

There is a massive amount of data from multiple other countries that a living wage and a higher minimum wage results in positive outcomes for everyone.

The working class spends money when we get it. End of story. Every dollar you give us is a dollar we are going to spend, driving the economy.

End of story.

Join the New Republican Party (mine) that supports taxing the rich, fair wages, and voting out anyone who supports McConnel and Trump’s party of racists and traitors.