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Trump Republicans – Defectors

What happened to country before party?

Trump Republicans have been taken over greed and a hunger for power. They don’t care about anyone but the top 0.1% and even lifelong Republicans like myself don’t matter unless we support them blindly – which I refuse to do.

Let’s take back our country and win on policies, not fear and cheating.

Take back our party from the Trump Republicans and save our party and our nation.

Ted Cruz – Screw The Dead

Ted Cruz and the other Trump Republicans have made public health and safety a political issue – and the cost of that is 566,000 dead Americans. A mask does not impinge on your liberties any more than a sign that says no short, no shoes, no service at the beach. There is a reason for both, and that is the public good.

I guess the reality is that Trump Republicans like Cruz don’t really care about people, they just want to get a point for being a complete A-Hole on Faux News.

Trump Republicans & The Devil

This is how I know that Trump Republicans have been lured away from God. They like to drape themselves in faith, but their actions go directly against what the Bible tells me is right and just.

Trump Republicans hate the poor, and bridle at the thought of taking care of those with less than them.

These are not the acts of good, just, and Godly men and woman. No, these are the actions of someone who is doing the devil’s work.