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trump – pro russia

Rudy is wrong. There is something wrong with taking information from our global adversaries. It creates a situation where the Russians now feel like they have something over the people who took there help.

The Republican Party has turned on our country, and it disgusts me that my party has become a Weak On Russia party that will sacrifice everything for power.

Trump – Screw The Rule Of Law

Does anyone really believe that Trump is going to accept the will of the people?

Trump is already claiming the fix is in, claiming our votes don’t matter, because any outcome that Trump doesn’t agree with is fake news, or rigged.

Trump is putting our country at risk. Trump wants to be a dictator, and screw our democracy and our way of life, as long as Trump “wins”.

Trump – Destroying The RNC

I regret voting for Trump.

I regret falling for his lies and believing he was going to help the middle class because he already “got his”.

I regret the fact that Trump is being allowed to destroy the Republican party and our country.

The current Republicans are going to pay on voting day for what they have allowed Trump to do, and I am one of those Republicans who will be voting against anyone who supports Trump and his train wreck of a presidency.