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Politics – Faux News Lies

I know that politics gets mean, but isn’t Fox supposed to be a news organization?

How can they just lie? I know its his opinion, but it is so demonstrably false?

This is what Trump has done to our country. He has destroyed the Republican Party and poured gas on the fires of division. Republicans can no longer compete on ideas, so they attack everything else.

I am worried for our countries future.

POlitics – Georgia Voter Supression

As a red blooded American who loves his country and identifies as Republican, this new batch of Trump Republicans disgust me. The only reason to make it illegal to hand someone a bottle of water is because you are hoping you can make it so hard to vote that they just go home.

This is what Trump has done to our country, he has created a group of Trump Republicans who are willing to destroy our country because they cannot win on policies.

POlitics – Full On Hate

Fox News has helped destroy the Republican Party.

In my opinion they embrace fringe viewpoints and then make their viewers believe those viewpoints are normal in their echo echo chamber.

Calling any group of people “Lower Level” human beings is a dog whistle that harkens back to the very darkest of American’s history.

Boycott Jeanine Pirro and Fox News and take back the Republican Party from the Trump Republicans.

The Big Trump Lie

What happened to “we have 100% evidence” and how is that supposed to equate to “reasonable people” would know she was just making political statements?

How is this not the same as yelling fire in a movie theatre?

People died as a direct result of this, three of them being capital police officers.

Is this what Trump has turned the Republican party into?

Take back our country and our party – vote out anyone who supports Trump Republicans.

If we can’t win with policies, we don’t deserve to win – and trying to overthrow an election is nothing short of treason. All of these individuals should face the full force of the law.

Mitch Mcconnel – Failure

I have family in Kentucky and my one uncle always talks about how Mitch McConnel stands up against what’s wrong with this country. It amazes me how this poor, older man, who has no healthcare, and no retirement money, stands up to defend Mitch McConnel’s votes against his best interests.

Why? I just don’t get it.

We need to take back the Republican Party and win on big ideas.

Tax the rich, and fund healthcare and infrastructure and let’s win the next election cycle by denouncing Trump Republicans and anyone who supported him.