Right Wing Has Taken Over The GOP

The GOP has gone off the rails.

They have let the right wing nuts take over the party. Anything that doesn’t support their Right Wing Agenda is now a false flag or some other bullshit.

Claims like this from Greene should result in her getting kicked out of the party, but she is now the base of the GOP. The more crazy you are, the more they support you and I find it disgusting.

People died you lying b*tch. It wasn’t a false flag or some some conspiracy. It was easy access to guns.

*This is an opinion piece.

Argue with me in the comments if you disagree with my views.

Inspirational – Perfect Isn’t Perfect

I have gotten stuck in this trap in my life. I want everything to be perfect, but when everything has to be perfect you end up stressed, nothing looks right, and you end up living in a pressure cooker and not meeting your goals anyway.

Sometimes you have to just realize that good enough is good enough and move on.