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Zombie Road feels like Z Nation’s tribute to the Mad Max franchise., and they did a great job. Zombie Road opens with two marauders who have run a vehicle off the road and assassinate the passengers. This leads to one of the best one liners of the episode when Marauder 1 gets mad at Marauder 2 for using his firearm.

Marauder 1: Ever Blaster within 5 miles heard that!!!

Marauder 2: Don’t be so negative, worry is poison. That’s why you don’t crap right.

Z NationZombie Road

It was silly and dumb, but it made me laugh. Then both Marauders got violently eaten by radiation mutated zombies. We just got introduced to Blasters, the new, very fast, and very deadly zombies that the fallout has created.

Marauder Eaten Alive

Team Murphy is on the road, trying to get further away from the nuclear fall out when they encounter another group of survivors being ambushed on the road. They watch from afar before Warren and the team tell their new member that they are going to help, because they are still good people.


Warren and team help defend the small convoy from the bandits, but its not long before more bandits lead to a series of action packed gun battles.

We also get introduced to Z Weed, which on top of being relaxing and giving you the munchies, seems to make Cassandra remember a little bit of who she was before Murphy bit her.

Life post zombie apocalypse has been made significantly worse by the zombies being exposed to fallout. These “Blasters” are fast, can take a ton of damage and keep going, and worst of fall, they are immune to whatever power Murphy has over the normal undead.

For me, the Best Zombie Kill was when one of the Blasters fell off the semi and got sucked under the tires.

Zombie Road ends with Murphy, Cassandra, and Wrecking Ball have slipped away in one of the convoys cars, and thanks to Wrecking Ball and his tales of Z Weed and a potential strain of Z Weed as a cure, Murphy is all in on making his way to the source of the Z Weed in Minneapolis.

This sets us up for the next episode for Warren and team to chase after Murphy, and for us to find out more about Z Weed.

Zombie Road had lots of action, gore, and violence, and scored a 90/100. What cost it a few points? The first is the same thing that cost last episode some points. People are shooting at other people in the open, who are not far off, and keep missing. The second was the “sick bus”. Everyone knows that when you die you turn, so it seems silly to keep a bunch of nearly dead, sick people, where they can get to you. Still, there was a ton of action in Zombie Road, and that is worth every other point this episode got.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
11Puppies and Kittens95
12Fracking Zombies80
13Philly Feast80
14Full Metal Zombie81
15Home Sweet Zombie75
16Resurrection Z81
17Welcome to the Fu-Bar83
19Die Zombie Die… Again29
110Going Nuclear79
111Sisters Of Mercy82
112Murphy's Law80
113Doctor of the Dead91
21The Murphy90
22White Light81
23Zombie Road90
24Batch 4760
26Zombie Baby Daddy86
27Down The Mississippi87
28The Collector63
210We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon72
211Corporate Retreat85
212Party with the Zeros64
213Adiós, Muchachos69
214Day 190
215All Good Things Must Come to an End 94
31No Mercy90
32A New Mission77
33Murphy's Miracle80
34Escorpion and the Red Hand70
35Little Red and the Wolfz79
36Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest73
37Welcome to Murphytown 67
38Election Day80
39Heart of Darkness70
310They Grow Up So Quickly85
311Doc’s Angels70
312The Siege of Murphytown70

2017 Ford Escape – Flapping, fwapping Noise

I bought a used 2017 Ford Escape about a year ago, and then didn’t drive it much because of the pandemic. When I do drive it, I noticed that when the radio was off you could hear a fwap, fwap, fwap noise.

Once I heard it, I couldn’t not hear it, even with the radio blaring. Anyone sitting in the passenger seat would immediately tell me they could hear it.

I really like the car. It has leather seats and the 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, so its nice and peppy, and I can park it in spots at the airport and the city that just won’t fit a larger vehicle. Did I mention it also has all wheel drive?

Anyway, I really like the car, but the noise was driving me nuts.

I took the car to Ford twice. My local dealer, Bayshore Ford, told me nothing was wrong twice, and I could hear it clear as day when I drove away.

I was going to go on a longer drive yesterday and decided I didn’t want to live through the fwap, fwap, fwap for an hour so I got a flashlight and checked all my weather seals. No loose weather stripping on any doors, or anything hanging in my wheel wells. I got a yoga mat and carefully got down on the ground and found the issue in under 2 minutes.

There is a thin, very cheap, plastic splash guard that extends from behind the front axel to the mid section of the car. There are indents on the splash guard that have a hole in the middle for a bolt that protrudes down from the car. The nut on mine was gone and the plastic shield moved about two inches up and down when I pushed/pulled on it, held in place by the other nuts which were still in place.

The part if $1.50 online, but I didn’t want to wait for it so I drilled a 1/4 inch hole in a plastic bottle cap, and magically, the noise went away. So far I drove two hours without issue and I have to be honest, I’m going to wait until and if the noise comes back before I go buy the part. It was so easy to create my own plastic clip on that I’m not sure I really need to spend any money at all.

Jerry Rigged Splash Guard Holder