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Trump & Mcconnell – hate Lawe Enforcement

Trump lead the traitors and insurrectionists to the capital and Mcconnell let Trump off the hook.

If you support the police, you can’t support the current Republican Party, they have turned against our country, our constitution, and the rule of law.

Every so called Republican who voted to acquit Trump needs to be voted out. They need to be held accountable for turning on our country through every legal means, even if we have to wait until the next election cycle to get rid of all of them.

POlitics – Infiltrated & Taken Over

I’ve been a god fearing, 1st amendment Republican my whole life.

All that has gone away with Trump and McConnel. They have turned the party into something that isn’t about fiscal conservatism, and instead into a cult that is willing to support a man who has thrown the match that started a fire that resulted in cops being killed.

Anyone who supports Trump is a traitor to our constitution.

End of story.

Vote out anyone who supports Trumpism.

Trump – King Of The F*CkTards

Trump was ordered to pay $2 Million dollars for misuse of charitable funds, which he used to pay for campaign finances.

The Trump family was disallowed from operating any charity in the State of New York because they stole from a kids cancer charity.

Trump has credibly accused of rape.

Trump, in his own words, admits to grabbing women by their “p*ssies

Trump paid off porn stars. While he was married. While his wife was pregnant.

Trump University closed and paid damages for being a fake University.

Who likes Trump? Low moral, idiots. What makes them vote Trump? I can only guess they are single issue voters, and racism is their key issue.

What else is there?

Biden Republicans Unite!!!

I”m a gun toting, fiscal conservative.

I’m voting for Biden.

Trump isn’t a Republican, and his policies are hurting our country.

So I put my money where my mouth is. If your like me and realize what a massive mistake voting for Trump was, and want to save your country, donate now to save this nation.

This guy says it very well.

Trump isn’t a real republican, and he’s only after power. I firmly believe that Trump is leading our country into destruction. He wouldn’t even push back on Putin for putting bounties on our troops heads.

We have to save our nation, vote out Trump!!!!!