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Faux News Lied To you

I have family all over the Ohio River Valley in Ohio and West Virginia. Many of them are dirt poor – and yet they are die hard Faux News viewers who vote against their own best interests because Faux and Frenemies, Mitch McConnel and Kevin McCarthy have told them that raising taxes on the rich or increasing the minimum wage will somehow hurt them.

Mitch went right to the point here though. The reason people are poor isn’t that the top 1% owns the Republican Party now, its because of brown people. How disgusting and sad is this?

*This is an opinion piece.

Argue with me in the comments if you disagree with my views.

Outrageous – You Peasant!!!

I am so disgusted by how the Trump Republicans and Faux News have positioned fair wages as a left wing conspiracy to destroy our country.

I’ve been a Republican (but a reasonable, intelligent one) my whole life. I have three adult sons with college degrees. The downward wage pressure, while their bosses bosses boss and the shareholders reap huge benefits have to end.

If working class Americans can’t afford to live, this whole experiment is going to go up in flames.

Other industrialized nations have better healthcare, better pay, and they function better than our country. The proof? Higher happiness, and massively improved health outcomes.

European countries get time off to have children, and get decent pay and time off, yet Faux News and the Trumpies want you to believe this would destroy our economy?

The reality is that by crushing the middle class with taxes while the super rich get richer, they are killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

Help me save our country, help me save the Republican Party from Trump Traitors! Vote out anyone who supports Trump.

*This is an opinion piece.

Argue with me in the comments if you disagree with my views.

Politics – Minimum Wage

Any business that requires slave wages to survive doesn’t deserve to stay in business.

There is a massive amount of data from multiple other countries that a living wage and a higher minimum wage results in positive outcomes for everyone.

The working class spends money when we get it. End of story. Every dollar you give us is a dollar we are going to spend, driving the economy.

End of story.

Join the New Republican Party (mine) that supports taxing the rich, fair wages, and voting out anyone who supports McConnel and Trump’s party of racists and traitors.

Trump – Making Sure The Middle Class Gets ZERO Gains

I believe that Trump has two missions.

Mission 1: Keep Putin happy because Russia has a lot on our new Red President. I believe this is why Trump can’t show us his tax returns. They will show just how much money he has that came from Russia.

Mission 2: Make sure the rich keep all the money they can. Because as long as he keeps the super wealthy Republicans wealthy – they don’t really care if he’s working for the Reds.

Image Source: @DavidYankovich