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trump – pro russia

Rudy is wrong. There is something wrong with taking information from our global adversaries. It creates a situation where the Russians now feel like they have something over the people who took there help.

The Republican Party has turned on our country, and it disgusts me that my party has become a Weak On Russia party that will sacrifice everything for power.

Trump – It’s Not Over

I know, I know, there was a huge celebration in the Trump House because Barr threw some cover at this boss. Is it a huge surprise? No, Barr was hired because he already wrote an opinion that Trump could do no wrong.

So answer me this, if Trump was on the up and up, why does he lie about everything and refuse any transparency?

My guess is that it comes down to shady business. Who funded Trump when no banks would give him money?

Was it Russia? I want to know.

Trump – Multi Layered Corruption?

How smart is Trump?

My guess is that in the end we are all going to walk away with the answer of “Not very.”


If you were hiding in plain site, and had gotten away with years of illegal activity, wouldn’t it be the least intelligent thing possible to run for president? Is he truly so arrogant that he thought he could keep all that hidden?

Trump – Protection

I don’t understand why my fellow Republicans are trying to protect Trump?

He’s destroying not just our party, but this country. The damage Trump is doing to this party will take generations to fix, and the current old guard has to go. They have revealed how out of touch they are with today’s Republican Party with how the “hold the line” for a corrupt Trump.

Save our country, vote out anyone who supports Trump. Take back the Republican Party!!!