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Seattle Storms

I got really lucky on Friday. My flight boarded around noon, and the snow started five minutes later. It sounded like we were going to be okay, the de-icer truck was called, and then everything fell apart. Apparently the truck was broke.

We sat for an hour before heading back to the gate, then sat another hour or two. All the while the snow continued to fall. Lucky for me, after a few hours of delay the de-icer truck was fixed and we did eventually get home. Even if i didn’t get back to my own bed until 1AM, it was better than being stuck in Seattle during their snowmageddon.

I Live In A Swamp

It rained most of the day here in South Jersey.

That means that at 10AM my yard looked like this:

By 6PM I had a lake in my side yard:
I already put French Drains around the house, but I lost steam trenching back into the woods. Can you guess where all my drains end at the moment? Yep, just inside that lake. I guess I’ve got a few days of digging ahead of me this summer – although with my back acting up I may just need to pay someone to do it this time around.