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ZOMBIE MOVIES – The Dead (2010)

The Dead kicks off like every good zombie movie should. The biting starts and all hell breaks loose as the surprised populace begins to process the realities of the world they now live in .

Soldiers are fleeing in a plane, clearly having been overrun by the undead, but the plane isn’t in great shape, and ends up going down in the ocean. Three survivors make it to the beach only to have a horde come down on them.

The main character, Lieutenant Brian Murphy, played by Rob Freeman, does an excellent job of playing the quiet, controlled soldier, trying to survive so he can get back to his wife and daughter. He travels through the desert, quietly trying to survive as he navigates a world that is full of the undead.

When he finally finds a car, he is forced to race the clock, can he get the vehicle fueled and get a tire on the truck before the undead can get him? As Lieutenant Murphy travels, he partners with another soldier, also looking trying to get back to his family.

This is a classic zombie movie, and it is well done. There aren’t a massive amount of special effects, but the movie was well done, and stays true to itself. There are long stretches without any dialogue, but that is just fine. Who watches a zombie movie for the dialogue anyway?

If you are looking for a solid, enjoyable zombie movie to watch, you can’t go wrong with The Dead , which scores it a very respectable 76/100.

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