Parker (2013)


Parker (2 Out of 5 Graves)

Ever since Jason Statham first rolled into my awareness as the kick *ss driver from “The Transporter” series I’ve always enjoyed his films. They are fast paced, don’t take themselves too seriously, and are a good way to feed the guilty pleasure of watching “dumb” action movies.

So when I rented Parker I was looking for more of the same, hoping to get my action movie junkie fix on. Unfortunately it just doesn’t deliver. It could have, but it didn’t. I think the issues is really that the writer and director tried to put too much thought into it. It’s a dumb action movie, don’t try to make it more complicated than it needs to be.

The key issues came down to some very simple things. First of all, how many guys can Parker shoot in the leg? He is supposed to be ruthless and tough, but doesn’t seem to really live up to the reputation. Secondly, I thought they put way too much into Jennifer Lopez’s character Leslie Rodgers. Did they really need to spend so much time on her? She was a footnote in the movie, not a major player. And what a horrible portrayal of the average person. So if I’m down on my luck I’ll be willing to do anything for money? I get that they wanted to make it sympathetic, but it was just so poorly done it made it hard to watch.

Overall, blah.

Taxes Motherf*cker

Why do we have commerce and the education departments?

Because big business would be so nice to the rest of us with no one watching over them. Because when the banks and home loan industry was deregulated, there were no issues right?

Don’t ask what we can cut you huge A-HOLE – ask who we are going to tax more fairly.

Corporate profits are at an all time high and worker wages and taxes paid by corporations are at an all time low.

Raise some taxes you huge D*CKS!!!!

Sorry, it just makes me so mad that people are so dumb.  We don’t have a debt problem, we have freeloading big businesses.

Almost Mine – M&P 22

Gun laws in New Jersey can be a bit tough.

After waiting weeks to get my handgun permit and buying the gun it has been shipped and arrived at my FFL dealer. After handing in my permit I now have to wait for yet another NICS check (National Instant Criminal Background Check System).  Which amazes me, because they have to do it by fax? So I have to wait two to three weeks more before I get to take this new gun to the range.

I have been stock piling 22 LR and found three extra mags online.  Just waiting for the call so I can go pick my new plinking pistol up and take it to the range.

I’ll let you know how she shoots once I pick her up.



Mermaids Are Real!!!

This is the most incredible thing I’ve seen in a long time.

You have to go watch the Animal Planet specials about mermaids. An oil and gas sub looking to map the see floor took these pictures (and was told not to share them). The show blew my mind.

If this is real we are sharing the planet with other humanoid creatures living in our oceans. How cool would that be?