Bad Gun Handling – Homemade Silencer

I like to upgrade my firearms. But I use tools and parts that approved and legal for their intended purposes.

This “homemade silencer” is just plane dangerous. It is putting backpressure on the cylinder and is using a plastic bottle and duct tape. Not only is this an illegal modification in many places, but it is just plane dangerous.

Please be safe out there.

Bad Gun Handling – Shooting From Porch

I can’t see what is behind those trees. Could this guy own a thousand acres of land and there is nothing out there? Could it back to water? Sure, but even with each of those scenarios someone could have ended up there.

That is the first thing that scares me.

The second thing is that he’s up on that porch. What if someone walks around the corner from either side and wanders in front of that weapon?

I know I will get hate mail on this one. Sure, you can make a hundred scenarios where this might be safe. But that is the key word. Might. Even if you think you are alone on your property people may have broken down or gotten lost on their four wheelers. There are a lot of ways that people end up where you don’t think they should be.

Bad Gun Handling – Holy Crap

I was really hoping this was an airsoft gun, which would have been bad, but potentially less life threatening. Never, ever, point a loaded at anything you don’t intend to destroy. That includes the camera, especially if you are behind it.

This is why mandatory gun safety and range training should be required to buy a gun.

Bad Gun Handling – Accidental Discharge

Training is important. It teaches you to do the same thing, every time, no matter what stress you are under. I am sure this gentlemen was excited because of the competition, and that caused him to put his finger on that trigger as he closed the break action shotgun, and caused an accidental discharge. Thankfully, it does not look like anyone was hurt.

Adam Kinzinger Calls For End of United States

What the F*CK is going on?

A candidate for the senate is calling for the hunting and killing of citizens of our country. I don’t care if he’s going after what he calls Republicans In Name Only (RINO), kids, or Democrats. Calls for violence are the same as call for Civil War and he should be arrested and prosecuted.

Adam Kinzinger should not be able to even run for Senate – this should disqualify him under the Insurrection Act.

I don’t care if your a Democrat or Republican, this can’t be allowed to stand. Contact Mitch McConnel’s office and demand that he disavow Adam Kinzinger.

Do not let these right wing nuts destroy our country.

Adam Kinzinger Calls For Armed Violence

*This is an opinion piece.

Argue with me in the comments if you disagree with my views.