Happy Halloween!!!

Let’s start the day off by saying Happy Halloween and watching hickok45 do a little pumpkin carving…


And here are some of my favorite things for Halloween:

If I ever hit the lotto I am going to have my truck painted in this motif:

Best teacher ever:


My vote for most disturbing custom:



My vote for best special effects:


My vote for best kids costume:



And on the tail end of it all, my vote for most clueless:


The Walking Dead (Season 7, Episode 2)

The Walking Dead, Season 7

Episode 2, The Well


The Well airs tonight at 9pm EST.

No matter what, this is too soon.2016_twd_s7_e2_glenn_too_soonThe Well kicks off with Carol & Morgan on the road with the horse hockey team. There is a brief scene of the undead attacking and then Morgan & Carol are recovering in “The Kingdom”.

We meet King Ezekiel and Shiva his tiger. They seem friendly. I cannot tell if Carol is truly happy to meet the King or if she is doing her “friendly” routine. She cleared it up for me a moment later. She thinks King Ezekiel is playing make believe.

After Carol promises to run as soon as Morgan looks away we cut to a scene of the King and his men feeding the pigs a few juicy undead. The truck full of pigs goes off in one direction while Morgan & the King head back to the Kingdom. Is Ezekiel feeding Negan?

The King is curious as to how Morgan became so good with the staff – and asks Morgan to train one of his men, Benjamin, in its use because Benjamin has been unable to learn the blade of the gun. Ezekiel is pleased with Morgan finally agrees to train Benjamin.

While Morgan trains Benjamin Carol pretends to be amazed at the breakfast so she can steal some clothing.

We then see the “dark secret” of the Kingdom. They are paying their price to Negan so he leaves their community alone. This leads to Ezekiel’s man Richard responding to a taunt – which leads to a fist fight which almost leads to a gunfight.

As Negan’s men leave they tell Ezekiel that if they don’t produce next week that Richard will be the first to die.

Come nightfall Carol is caught as she is about to gather supplies to make a run for it. Ezekiel tells her he’s seen through her – but she calls him on it right back. He tells her that people want someone to follow – that it makes them less dangerous – and more productive. Ezekiel tells her his people needed him to be their king. He faked it until he made it. He was a zoo keeper in the before. Shiva was the last thing that Ezekiel had of the old world. The last thing he loved.

Ezekiel does his best to keep Carol in the Kingdom, because it makes him feel good. He tells her she can go – and not go. I need some of what he’s on.

We then see Morgan escorting Carol just outside of town where she clears a small house and makes it her own.

The last thing we see is Ezekiel showing up on Carol’s door with Shiva – offering her a pomegranate.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Carol & Morgan are alive.
  • King Ezekiel and his tiger.2016_twd_s7_e1_tigerroar
  • Carol’s face when she meets the King and Shiva his tiger.
  • Ezekiel telling Carol not to bullshit a bullshitter. He tells her the “sweet & innocent” act worked on him at first – until he saw through it.
  • Ezekiel telling Carol how he saved Shiva.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • The Kingdom Choir. Who has time to sing in the ZA?
  • Richard fighting with Negan’s man. Wouldn’t Richard already know the lesson of fighting with Negan’s people?


  • The first time we see King Ezekiel and his awesome tiger.
  • We find out that feral pigs will eat the undead.

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Message From God

Listen up, the truth is hard to hear.

All you super religious people who will spend days picketing, why don’t you do something positive instead and adopt a Syrian child who has lost everything.

Oh, wait, its not that you really care, its just that you want to make someone making the hardest decision of their life feel even worse.

The Walking Dead (Season 7, Episode 1)

The Walking Dead, Season 7

Episode 1, The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be


My prediction for tonight is that Abraham bites the bullet. My reasoning is simple, in the audio just as last season ends we hear Negan say “Taking it like a champ.” That could mean Daryl, but Daryl can’t die!!!! So Abraham is my choice. we find out who it is at 9PM EST tonight when The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be airs.

I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be with a quick recap of what happened last season. Maggie is in labor and Team Rick is about to lose someone to Lucille, Negan’s baseball bat.

The episode starts with Rick promising to kill Negan, but Began just shows Rick the bat and tells him he’ll have to speak up. Rick, like an idiot – tells Negan again he plan on killing him. This forces Negan to drag Rick into their RV – which makes me think that Rick is about to lose a hand.2016_twd_s7_e1_negan_rick

When we come back from commercial Negan plays some head games with Rick. He takes him out into a field of undead before throwing the axe outside and telling Rick to go get it. The axe belongs to Negan, and Rick needs to go get it for him.

While Rick is on the roof we see the flashback to the horrible events.

First he picks Abraham.2016_twd_s7_e1_abraham

Then Daryl freaks and punches Negan which gets Glenn killed.

After Rick has his flashback to what happened Negan reminds Rick that everyone else can suffer the same fate, so he better go get the axe and bring it back.

There is some awesome gore as Rick first leaps off the top of the RV and then uses the axe to fight off the massive horde as he imagines the rest of Team Rick suffering the same fate as Abraham & Glenn.

We then get more head games as Negan cleans the axe and tells Rick to take it – which he has no choice but to do.

After Negan finishes his head trip journey he brings Rick back to the killing spot. The survivors of team Rick are all still there, and Negan is still mad. Rick hasn’t last his anger yet.

This causes Negan to have guns put to everyone’s head before putting Carl down on the ground with a tourniquet on his arm. Rick has to cut off Carl’s arm or everyone dies. Negan Makes Rick pick up the axe and waits until he is about to drop the blade before telling him to stop. He finally see’s Rick will break.

Before Negan leaves he tells them they have 1 week before they will come back for their first collection.

Once Negan leaves Maggie gets up and tells Rick they need to fight but Rick won’t let her. She wants them to go back. She feels responsible for Team Rick being out there, for running into Negan’s group in the first place. Sasha says she will go with Maggie – is this a setup for the two girls going on a hunting trip to kill Negan?

The survivors then band together to bury their dead.

The last thing we see is Team Rick driving off in their RV, beat up, hurt, and defeated as a zombie comes out to feast on the blood and brains left behind.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Abraham telling Negan to “Suck my nuts.”  A man to the end.
  • Daryl lives. Although he is Negan’s captive now.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Rick telling Negan he’s going to kill him, and then repeating it. You don’t tell the guy holding the bloody baseball bat that you want revenge at all costs.
  • Them making us wait and wait to find out who died.
  • Glenn dying.


  • The first time we saw a squished head flattened on the ground when Abraham was murdered.

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