Bad Gun Handling – Beer & Guns

That looks like a beer to me – and that is definitely a shotgun.

These two things should never be mixed.

Sure that firearm was likely cleared and checked – but you never know if he cleared one gun, took a bio break, and came back and grabbed the wrong gun.

The point is that accidents have happened and whenever you mix guns and alcohol it is just bad.

Be responsible, don’t play with firearms – they aren’t toys.

Bad Gun Handling = Uzi + Bike + Target Shooting

That looks to be a fully automatic uzi pistol with a silencer on it being wielded by a man on a bike – then a tractor. I don’t care if this fellow is an ex green beret, navy seal, ninja – that just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Guns are not toys people, don’t treat them like they are – because when you do you make all of us gun lovers look bad – and eventually someone will try this and blow their foot off – or worse – kill themselves.

Fear the Walking Dead (Season 3, Episode 7 & 8)

Fear the Walking Dead, Season 3

Episode 7 (The Unveiling)


Jeremiah’s Camp

Fear The Walking Dead, Episode 7, the mid season finale kicks off where the last episode left off. Jake knows he needs to go talk to Walker – they have history from before the ZA. Of course Alicia doesn’t let him go alone. Walker is willing to talk, but it means that each party exchanges a hostage. Alicia stays at the Indian camp while Walker returns to try and get his father to trade potential peace for water.

While Alicia is their hostage Walker tells her about how they waited for the helicopter – and she tells him they killed her father. Afterwards they go into an Indian museum and Walker shows her the bones of his grandfather. The Otto’s and the fortune hunters were desecrating the Indian graves so Walker took them first.

Back at Camp Otto Madison is trying to get Troy to staff a rescue mission. She doesn’t care if it will start a war, she  just wants Alicia to be free. As night falls the senior Otto goes to where their hostage is. He tells her that no one wants war – that they need to let the past be the past – then demands the hostage repeat that it is fair.

Meanwhile Troy has gotten into the Walker camp and has to kill one of the Indians to free Alicia. Things go even further south when Troy has to shoot one of the sentries that Nick tried to take down. The rescue mission escapes in clouds of gunfire.

When they get back to the camp Jake is pissed and the senior Otto tells Madison that those that don’t listen will need to be brought to heel.

Jake then decides to bring Walker’s hostage back with some water – thinking he can renew the parley. Walker would have scalped and killed him if the hostage he returned didn’t call Walker off.

After Jake is back at Camp Otto the hostage, Ophelia, ends up being thrown at the gate as well. She is beaten and bloodied, but alive.

Camp Otto is on edge. They expect an attack. They are on watch, but they don’t see anything. Then people start puking and dying. Ophelia returned just to poison as many people as she could. Camp Otto is in chaos. Lots of people were poisoned, died, and turned. Nick knows Ophelia did it when he sees her turn and run.

When Episode 8 starts we see a flashback to Otto and Ophelia when he caught her sometime in the past and told her she wasn’t welcome on the ranch because she was brown. She is in the desert, thirsty and tired. She is seeing Daniel in heat dreams and would have died if Walker didn’t find her. Which tells us why her loyalties are with Walker.

The episode then cuts back to the chaos at Camp Otto and Madison catches up to Ophelia before she can escape.

The next morning the camp is cleaning up the damage. There are a lot of sick people, and a lot of dead. Nick is sick and might die. Madison takes Ophelia at gunpoint back to Walker’s camp and finds out that Ophelia poisoned the people with Anthrax. Walker tells Madison to take her family and leave the ranch.

While Camp Otto is trying to recover from the Anthrax attack Victor is somewhere near the water and he somehow finds his boat. It is infested with the dead – and grounded in shallow water – but he is happy to be home. Victor is drinking champagne on his boat when he gets a radio call from a Russian cosmonaut who is passing by overhead. The cosmonaut knows he is dead. There won’t be anymore space flights to bring him back to earth. When night falls Victor searches his boat for what has value then lights it on fire. It is time to head back to the mainland.

Apparently Ophelia didn’t know it was Anthrax. She goes back to Walker and tells him that he made her a killer. The Clark’s took her in, they were kind to her. Walker doesn’t really care, he just wants to kill and weaken Camp Otto through any means possible.

While Ophelia and Walker are talking Madison launches a sneak attack. Multiple structures are set on fire and then gunfire erupts as Madison and Alicia hook up their truck to a trailer and haul ass. People fall on both sides but Madison, Alicia, and Troy get away.

Back at Camp Otto Nick has dug up his floor because of an offhand comment that Otto made. Otto killed Walker’s father and several other Indian’s years ago before the ZA. It looks like Walker  might not be such a horrible person after all. Otto provoked them.

The trailer Madison stole was Walker’s museum. They have his ancestor’s bones and other relics. Madison hopes they have something to bargain with now. Then Nick drops the bomb that Troy was the one who killed the family trying to leave as well as the fact that Otto killed Indians before the ZA. This sparks a rage fest from Alicia because she knows that Madison covered for Troy. Alicia is still moral. She wants to be on the side that is doing the right thing.

Madison tries to go out and bargain with walker. She’s willing to return the relics and share what they have – but Walker wants the ranch.

The last thing Madison does in the mid season finale is to go to talk to Otto – right after she told her kids what she did to her own father. She needs to get him to see reason  – no matter what. She lied to Jake when she told him Walker wouldn’t take a deal. Walker wants Otto’s head. Madison takes a pistol out and tells Otto to kill himself. If he doesn’t do it his sons die, the ranch gets overrun. Which is just about when Nick shows up and kills Otto, taking care of the problem.

I guess they told Troy and Jake Otto did it himself? It is insinuated but not really said. The next morning Madison takes Otto’s head out to Walker and the deal is done.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The senior Otto warning off Madison after the rescue raid returned with Alicia.
  • Madison telling the story of her father and how she killed him. Very powerful.
  • Nick taking care of Otto.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Jake leaving Alicia with Walker. Not cool to leave your girlfriend like that bro.
  • Jake deciding to go back to the Walker camp after the rescue. Does he really think returning the hostage and bringing some water is going to make things better?
  • People trust Ophelia just because she was beaten a little? She has to be a Trojan horse right?
  • Really Madison? You are going to take Ophelia and threaten Walker?
  • Victor isn’t even a little worried that his flaming boat might attract unwanted attention from zombies or the living?

Main Characters:

  • Nick Clark – Starts the season off by finding his girlfriend turned into a walker in a church. Has a addition problem.
  • Alicia Clark – Nick’s sister. Has already lost her boyfriend to the virus.
  • Madison Clark – Mother to Nick and Alicia. She worked at the high school where she met Travis Manawa, her boyfriend.
  • Travis Manawa – School teacher and Madison’s love interest.
  • Chris Manawa – Travis’s son.
  • Daniel Salazar – The Barber who shelters Team Travis in Episode 2.
  • Ofelia Salazar  – The Barber’s cute daughter.
  • Strand – The Instigator who Nick met in the detention center in S1, Episode 5.
  • Thomas – Strand’s significant other.
  • Celia – Thomas & Louis’s mother.
  • Jack the Radio Dude – Alicia’s radio boyfriend.
  • Connor – Jack’s boss and the leader of the boat pirates.
  • Louis – Strand’s friend. The one who was going to get Strand into Mexico.
  • Alex – Female from flight 462 plane shorts.
  • Luciana – Female who ends up helping Nick in S2, Episode 8.
  • Alejandro – the leader & Pharmacist who runs the colony.
  • Elena – manager at the Hotel who the other guests blame for locking them in.
  • Antonio – Elena’s sister who is with the Bandits.
  • Jeremiah Otto – Troy and Jake’s dad. The leader of the camp.
  • Troy – Crazy brother who was killing people to see how long it took them to turn.
  • Jake – Good brother who saved Travis, Nick, Alicia, and Nick’s girlfriend.
  • Efrain – Rescues Daniel in Season 3, Episode 4 when he comes “back from the dead”
  • Lola – the woman at the water plant who gave Daniel his job in Season 3, Episode 4.