Fear the Walking Dead (Season 2, Episode 3)

Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

Episode 3, Ouroboros


Ouroboros merges Fear The Walking Dead with the airplane shorts. The plane has crashed and Alex and the few survivors are in a raft. The kid from the plane is burnt and severely wounded. I’m guessing we see some sign of them within the main series?

Strand is making a mysterious call in the opening scene of Ouroboros but the connection is poor. Strand has until sundown to reach some destination – but for unknown purposes. 2016_FTWD_S2_E3_StrandStressed

While strand is in the wheelhouse Travis and Madison are about to forget about the zombie apocalypse for a few minutes at least until the boat makes some angry noises and comes to a dead stop. Something is stopping the cooling intake on the boat which means someone has to go below and see whats clogging things up. I don’t think anyone was surprised to see its a walker – well, except for Travis, he seemed completely surprised.

The walker fudged up the water intake, which seems to have destroyed the cooling for the engines as well as the desalination unit. Travis thinks he can fix it – maybe, but Strand snaps, he needs the boat running.

A few quick plot points roll by in the next few minutes. Ofelia’s gunshot wound is infected and she has a fever. Outside on the deck Alicia sees the wreckage from the plane. Suitcases are strewn across the beach. It is time to go scavenging. As Nick & Chris pack up the skiff Daniel tells Madison he found Strand’s maps of Mexico.

The scavenging party heads over to the landmass to loot the wreckage of the plane as Travis goes scuba diving to clear the water intake.

On the beach Nick finds himself a nice little pocket knife while Alicia picks out some new clothing. Chris on the other hand wanders off to find another part of the main fuselage. Inside he finds a few walkers still strapped in their chairs as well as a single survivor who ends up begging him for help.

After Madison knows that Travis is safe she goes into the wheelhouse and confronts Strand about where they are heading. Strand tells her that there is a house in Mexico that has walls and food stores, and a well. Madison tells him they are coming.

On the beach Daniel tells Nick its back luck to joke while they are pillaging from the dead. It doesn’t distract Nick from noticing that Daniel was looking for drugs. In the plane Chris gets the survivor from the plane out of his chair only to find out the man’s spine is sticking from his back. The man is begging Chris for help, begging him to end the pain. Chris is forced to use his makeshift hammer to bash the guys head in.

When Daniel finally realizes that Chris is gone he goes looking only to find Alex from the plane crash. She runs by him, screaming, “Run!” The horde is behind her.2016_FTWD_S2_E3_RUN

Alicia finds Chris while Nick stands on the edge of a sand pit before slipping in. The scavenging team regroups at the boat when they hear Daniel beginning to shoot. The landing party is in trouble, surrounded by a larger and larger horde – and Daniel is out of ammo. They fight but are slowly pushed back to the edge of the cliff.2016_FTWD_S2_E3_Overrun

Nick then makes his surprise re-appearance as a blood soaked walker. Only he was using Ricks trick from the main series. He was just fading into the zombie background – at least until he needed to save his sister.

Nick then goes full zombie, growling back at another walker before running to catch up with the others at the boat. Luckily Travis was able to get the main boat working just in time. Alex and the wounded kid end up being towed to the main boat but Strand refuses to let them join the crew. Travis convinces Strand to let them two the raft. They give Alex some supplies and let out some line, towing her behind them.

The episode ends with Strand going to the back of the boat and cutting Alex and her boat away.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The way they merged the plane shorts with the main show.
  • The walker in the sand being eaten by the crabs.
  • Nick turning to fight off the walkers just in time to save his sister.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Travis seeming so surprised that the walker in the water under the boat was still active.
  • Who was supposed to be watching Chris? Why did they let him wander off. Come on people – don’t let him turn into another Carl. Why is he going into the plane and pissing off walkers?
  • Madison confronting Strand while they were basically alone. He could have killed her and Travis and said it was some accident.
  • Daniel found an MP5 on the boat but goes to scavenge without a weapon?
  • I don’t think an emergency raft is designed to be towed behind a boat at speed. Its front edge would be pulled under the water and it would sink. Just saying.

Main Characters:

  • Nick Clark – Starts the season off by finding his girlfriend turned into a walker in a church. Has a addition problem.
  • Alicia Clark – Nick’s sister. Has already lost her boyfriend to the virus.
  • Madison Clark – Mother to Nick and Alicia. She worked at the high school where she met Travis Manawa, her boyfriend.
  • Travis Manawa – School teacher and Madison’s love interest.
  • Chris Manawa – Travis’s son.
  • Daniel Salazar – The Barber who shelters Team Travis in Episode 2.
  • Ofelia Salazar  – The Barber’s cute daughter.
  • Strand – The Instigator who Nick met in the detention center in Season 1, Episode 5.
  • Jack the Radio Dude – Alicia’s radio boyfriend.
  • Alex – Female from flight 462 plane shorts.