The Walking Dead (Season 6, Episode 3)

The Walking Dead, Season 6

Episode 3, Thank You


Thank You kicks off the Rick, Glenn, and Michonne leading a small group through the woods. The horn is still going off in the distance, and the horde has broken up into two groups. Rick is going to go back for the RV and try to get the part of the horde heading for Alexandria to head back towards the other group being lead by Daryl and Abraham.

On the road Daryl wants to to circle back and help the others but Abraham is against it. Daryl goes anyway.2015_TWD_S6_E3_Daryl_Horde

The people from Alexandria in the woods with Rick, Michoone, and Glenn seem like little bitches. They hang back as Glenn and Michonne go to clear a small horde in front of them – then all hell breaks loose. People panic, shots are fired. The team loses people to bites and friendly fire. The survivors press on. One of them is bitten but he’s still able to fight so they leave him be. Glenn wants to get back to Maggie but he’s not going to run and leave the others behind. They reach  a small town but they find walkers in front of them and the horde is behind them. Glenn wants to burn some of the buildings to keep their part of the horde in town. They need to keep their horde from falling on Alexandria. Glenn tells Rick the plan has changed and tells him to be careful. Which is when it looks like Rick get’s bit?2015_TWD_S6_E3_Rick_Hurt

I’m hoping he just cut his hand when he pulled the machete free. He better not be dying. I’ll be pissed.

Glenn and the guy who tried to kill him once are making their run to set the town on fire. They can hear gunfire in the distance. The attack on Alexandria is happening. Meanwhile the gunfire is drawing the horde from the town past where Michonne and the others are hiding.

Rick makes it to the RV and speeds off – his hand bleeding. He’s on his way to divert the horde. While he’s on his way to move the horde Michonne is forced to kill a few walkers in the closet. The noise pulls the horde down on top of them. (Get on the roof!!!) The horde is coming.2015_TWD_S6_E3_Michonne_Pet_Store

Instead of being trapped Team Michonne comes out fighting. The first to fall is the woman with the sprained ankle. She is eaten alive before anyone can help her. (Do you use your last bullet on yourself in that scenario?)

While Team Michonne is running Glenn and his buddy get to the feed store, but its too late. Its already burnt down. Their idea to set the town on fire isn’t going so hot. (ha-ha) Everything about Glenn’s team has gone to shit. He’s cornered with walkers everywhere while Michonne’s subgroup is being devoured one by one. Glenn and his buddy make it onto the top of a dumpster only to find themselves surrounded – trying to stomp the undead away before they are pulled down. Then Nicholas shoots himself and pulls Glenn down with him-and Glenn dies.

Michonne and two people from Alexandria are the only ones to survive from Team Glenn’s party.

Rick’s made it to where he thinks he supposed to meet Team Glen only to be ambushed by wolves. I think they are some of the guys that Morgan let live but I’m not sure. Rick downs them but finds a bottle of baby food in one of their pockets – which makes him think about Judith. He’s thinking about what to do when he sees more wolves creeping up the side of the RV and lights the wall up with his AK. Only after he kills the wolves he can’t get the RV started and the horde is coming. The scene cuts away to an aerial shot of the horde coming out of the woods, about to encircle the RV.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The way Glenn & Michonne lead the charge into the horde in the woods.
  • Glenn staying with his group even though he really wants to leave them and go to Maggie.
  • The fact that the guy who ran from Glenn’s group in the woods got eaten anyway. You get what you deserve sometimes. Don’t leave your friends behind.
  • Rick lighting up the RV wall with his AK when he sees wolves creeping up on him. I like it when they take the straight forward solution.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • The way the pople from Alexandria don’t seem to understand the reality of thier situation. Team Rick isn’t their enemy. The zombies don’t go away if they kick Rick out.
  • The sad note the guy who got bit wrote his wife. That would suck.
  • No one can spare a bullet or a knife stab to end their friend when he’s being eaten alive against the fence? Come On.
  • Glenn dies – god damn it. Those motherfuckers. I hate you TWD writers. I hope you get lots of paper cuts turning these script pages you worthless pieces of shit.
  • I knew Glenn should have just killed Nicolas. God damn it.
  • Come on, they can’t kill Rick and Glenn!!!! The freaking leave us hanging on whether Rick lives? That sucks!!!!! Books:

Bad Gun Handling – Times Two

Oh, how many things are wrong with this picture.

  1. Fingers on triggers.
  2. Children with guns who appear to be learning that they are “cool” versus they are tools to be respected.
  3. Pointing guns at photo taker?

I support gun rights. I support my right to hunt and shoot for sport. But I also think that its easier to get a gun than to get a license – and that doesn’t make sense to me.

You should have to show basic responsibility – and have your guns taken away if you don’t show it – or fail in some other aspect of citizenship.


The Walking Dead (Season 6, Episode 2)

The Walking Dead, Season 6

Episode 2, JSS


JSS kicks off the brutal death of  small family. Mom and dad are eaten while the pretty teen daughter Enid survives, watching as they are devoured from inside a car.2015_TWD_S6_E2_Origins_Of_Enid

She is scared and alone, lost in the woods. She keeps writing “JSS” wherever she can. She traces it in the dirt, she writes it in the dust on a window, and even with the bones of a turtle dinner.

Her name is Enid – and we just learned the origin of Carl’s “love interest”. Poor girl saw her family get eaten before she found Alexandria. Now we just have to find out what JSS means.

Carol continues to play the “nice girl” while also being brutally honest when no adults are looking. I’m so loving her character right now. She gets to cooking, and is looking out the window just in time to see her neighbor get cut down by a man with a machete. Raiders have found Alexandria.

Which brings us almost to the merge point of Episode 1. The raiders hit Alexandria just as the major group of fighters (Rick etc) is out trying to guide the horde around the town. Young Enid comes to tell Carl goodbye but he tells her she has to stay and help him protect Edith.2015_TWD_S6_E2_Enid

Outside Wolves are slaughtering town’s people and making “W”s on them. It’s time for Carol to go on the offensive. She goes on the attack but is too slow to save her friend from being gutted.

We then find out what the horn from Episode 1 is. One of the W Raiders tries to ram a truck into the walls. When the lookout opens up full auto the semi veers and hits the wall – but doesn’t break through. It does however have its horn blowing full blast after it crashes.

The sniper in the guard eventually makes it down to the truck, but Morgan beats him to the horn and kills the noise. 2015_TWD_S6_E2_SniperMorgan looks the sniper right in the eyes and tells him to hide. Morgan is mad at Carol because she killed a man in front of her. She has a plan. They have to get to the armory before the raiders do – but Morgan appears to believe that human lives should be spared.

At House Grimes Carl saves Ron – but Ron sees his girl and runs – maybe jealous that she is with Carl.

Meanwhile at house Anderson Jessie is forced to kill a raider with a pair of scissors just in time for her son Ron to see her savagely killing the woman.

Morgan saves Father Gabriel and begins to tie up his captive. The man gets out a few simple words before Carol shows up and kills him. The captive tries to tell Morgan “people don’t belong here anymore”. Carol gives Gabriel and Morgan weapons only to have Morgan give his to the priest.

We then get to see Morgan take apart a group of five or six raiders with his staff before scaring them off by telling them they’ll get shot if they don’t run. They run.

After things quiet down Carol goes to her neighbor, sad that the woman is dead – and maybe feeling guilty that she told her not to smoke in the house anymore -which put her outside when the raiders came.

We then see a horrible truth. One of the raiders had black and white pics from inside the walls of Alexandria. The raiders had someone on the inside before they hit. (Dum Dum Dum)

At house Grimes Carl goes to find Enid only to find she left him a note. “Just Survive Somehow”. What a sat way to say goodbye.

Lots of others are going through emotional issues during this episode:

  • Jessie’s (Rick’s) would be love interest is struggling with her kids. We see a hint that she still likes Rick when she kind of defends him to her oldest.
  • Deanna is still morning her husband but gets some constructive help from Maggie who is trying to get Deanna to work her sorrows out by farming/gardening.
  • Gabriel realizes (or at least says he does) that he was wrong. He needs to learn how to fight. Carl agrees to teach him. Machete practice is at 3pm.
  • The new town doctor struggles with her new responsibility. She was going to be a doctor before going into psychology.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The way she leaves her initials everywhere she goes.
  • Carol telling it like it it. Sometimes you have to face the horrible truth.
  • Carol going totally BA on the raiders. She puts on a hoodie, pretends to be one of them, and proceeds to kick ass.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • I don’t think that turtles are that bloody.
  • Long hair is bad in the ZA – and this is just bad anyway you cut it.2015_TWD_S6_E2_Carls_Hair
  • Morgan turning out to be a pacifist, human loving, gun hating, warrior. Come on, just let him be bad ass like Carol. Books:

Bad Gun Handling – Know Your Firearms

While this is obviously an exaggeration (I hope) I have seen people take a station and start firing without any regard for where their brass was flying. Depending on the weapon and how they are standing I’ve seen the guy at the next station get pelted with brass. Most times changing your position by two inches will fix the issue and put your brass into the divider and or pull it off your unintentional target.

The bottom line is know where your brass is going. Pay attention and shoot safely. You can easily burn someone with flying brass if your careful.


The Walking Dead (Season 6, Episode 1)

The Walking Dead, Season 6

Episode 1, First Time Again


It is finally the start of Season 6, and First Time Againstarts off with an awesome start. The team is trying to clear what looks like a quarry to keep the walkers from getting to town.

The episode cuts between black & white and color to denote the current from the past.

In black & white:

Back in town the mayor tells Gabriel he was wrong. I guess she realizes she needs Rick after all. All around town people are suffering. Rick’s “Girlfriend” and her kids are suffering from the loss of her husband.

There a multiple little reunions. Glen is alive. Tara is alive. And Carl gets to hold hands with his teenage love. And Morgan is now with Team Rick. The community has changed. Power is shifting.

When Rick & Morgan go to bury Pete the killer they find the quarry filled with the undead – which then becomes the foundation of the “in color” mission in real time. Rick talks to the community. At least one person doesn’t think they need to clear the quarry – but Deanna the mayor tells everyone they are going to do what Rick says.

Carter isn’t very happy about it. He doesn’t like the plan, and he tries to get others to join him. He wants to kill Rick. When he get’s caught he falls right in line.

Later (but still in the past) Rick get’s to talk with Jessie but she makes it pretty clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with Rick – and especially doesn’t want him around her kids.

In color:

The team is back on the move – ready to clear the massive horde that was in the quarry. Team Rick has made a funnel out of cars to keep the horde moving in the right direction, them make them turn west at Marshal & Redding.2015_TWD_S6_E1_Horde

Daryl is leading them on his bike but Glenn and his small team has to clear an industrial building so the walkers in the building don’t pull the horde off the road. The plan is to let the walkers inside the building out slow, and then kill them in small batches. Only when they open the door there is a steel security gate in the way as well. If Glen can’t quite the walkers inside down he might just find a whole horde coming off the road behind him.

They get to the critical turn and the horde hits the metal walls. They are holding , but it looks shaky.2015_TWD_S6_E1_Horde_1

At the industrial building Glenn busts the window and then there is a brief violent fight. The same man that got Noah killed and then  tried to kill Glenn actually stands and fights. (I would have put a bullet in him and not thought twice about it.)2015_TWD_S6_E1_Glen

Just when it appears that everything is going smoothly Carter gets sloppy and lets himself get bitten – which draws the horde off the road. Carter won’t stop screaming and Rick does the only thing he can – which is put a knife into the back of his head.

As Team Rick is guiding the horde someone sets off an air horn, which pulls the massive horde off the road and directly towards the walls of town. The carefully laid plan has gone south and now the horde is descending on the town.

And now we have to wait until next week to find out what happens.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Eugene – “I fully respect the hair game.” I love his lack of awareness of social norms.
  • Morgan using his short staff to take out the undead on the ridge when they find the quarry full of walkers.
  • The horde coming down the road behind Daryl on his motorcycle.
  • The sheer number of zombies on the highway.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • The CGI in the opening scenes was a little “rough”.
  • Why bother taking a corpse outside the city to dig a hole for it? Just bury the killer or burn the body.
  • They the hell would Glenn & Maggie let the guy who got Noah killed, and then tried to kill Glen n Live? It makes no sense.
  • The whole episode I was waiting for it to go south. It had to go south right? The engineer naysayer has to end up being correct. Otherwise there isn’t much of a season 6 right?
  • Did Michonne & Morgan really think Rick did something wrong when carter got bit? The dude was dead anyway. What was he supposed to do?
  • I really didn’t like all the jumping between the past in black & white and the current timeline in color. This is The Walking Dead – not the opera.
  • It was a little too artistic and a little drawn out. Cut to the zombie kills. Books:

Bad Gun Handling & Omegle

For those of you who aren’t twelve, Omegle is a free chat service that randomly pairs you with strangers to talk and generally be goofy (and unfortunately see lots of wiener pics from what I’ve heard, cough, cough). Which is all well and good, but sometimes that goofing off becomes dangerous, like when these Iraqi cops decided that they should use a pistol as their balance challenge item!

Guns aren’t toys, and no matter what that smile says, choosing a pistol for this stunt was a huge example of Bad Gun Handling.