The Walking Dead (Season 5, Episode 16)

Episode 16, Conquer


The season finale starts with Morgan sleeping in a car out in the woods.  After a full season of teasing us with his whereabouts we finally get more than just a glimpse of him. Just as he’s making some hot chocolate a strange dude with a “W” on his head comes and interrupts his breakfast and tells him not to drink his coco. He tells Morgan that they have been hunting other survivors, and he wants everything that Morgan has. Every last drop. Morgan tells the fellow he can have all his supplies, but he can’t allow him to take him away. The W dude tells him to just be still, right up until another member of Team W comes out with a knife from behind him. Morgan proceeds to take them both apart with his quarter staff and then sticks them in the back seat of his sleeping car before honking the horn and taking the rabbits foot from the rear view.

This interaction tell us a critical bit about who is going to try and take down Rick’s new town. Team W is out there and they want to take what you’ve got. I wonder how long before they attack town?

When we come back from commercial break we see Daryl and Eric stopping on the road briefly before cutting back to town where Rick wakes up under guard with Michonne watching him. Rosita has pached up all his wounds and he’s covered in butterfly bandages.2015_TWD_S5_E16_RickCutUp She is mad that Rick didn’t pull her in from the start on the Pete situation.

Carol, Glen, and Abraham come in Carol tells Rick to tell the townspeople whatever they want to hear. If things go bad Rick wants to take the three town leaders hostage. Glenn is afraid they are turning into the people of Team Terminus. I’m not sure if everyone is still on Rick’s side.

Maggie goes to Deanna and tells her not to let the town decide or not to decide to throw Rick out. Deanna is naive and is afraid because Rick pointed a gun at people. Deanna’s husband seems to be more reasonable but I’m scared this is going to push Rick to the dark side.2015_TWD_S5_E16_Porch

Things in the town are getting tense. Maggie knows that Deanna already has her mind set. Glenn is sad, he thinks it is going to turn violent. Then I think he sees the guy who got Noah killed going over the fence. Going to talk to Team W? And of course Glenn follows the guy out into the woods and quickly gets shot. There is a brief and brutal fight and then we are left hanging as a horde of walkers falls on Glenn. We are left hanging, thinking Glenn is dead – right until he comes barreling out of the night to tackle the dude and beat him. Glenn puts a gun to the dudes head but can’t pull the trigger.

Which is also just about the time that Father Gabriel decides to go for a suicide walk. He goes out to find a walker and finds one, telling the thing “I’m ready.” When he goes back to town the idiot on the gate let’s Gabriel in and then lets the fool priest leave the gate open. I guess its going to be an interesting town meeting.

Daryl and Eric were tracking someone but lost them at what looks like a shipping depot or food cannery. They think they are going to make it out with a truck full of canned goods but what they get instead is a booby trap that releases a horde out of the trucks. Which leads to the awesome triple whip kill which Daryl lands.

They fight there way to the parking lot and flee into a car where they find a creepy note. Others have been stuck in the care before them. Eric tells Daryl he was right, they should have kept looking for the kid in the poncho. Daryl tells Eric he’ll lead them off so Eric can make a run for the fence. Eric tells him no, they fight together and if they have to they die together. Just when you think hope is lost Morgan comes to save the day!

Back in town Carol delivers something to Pete’s new house and gives him a dose of reality. He can play ball or Carol will make him pay. I wish she had killed him. Right after Carol leaves Rick goes to visit Jesse and of course Pete can see them talking on the front porch from his window.

Rick and Michonne kind of make up just before the meeting and as he’s leaving his house he see’s the gate is open, and when he shuts it he sees a blood trail. (My fear is that Peter killed Jesse and it is going to push Rick into a rage.)

Father Gabriel comes back from his crazy walk to find Sasha in his church. She asks if he can help her and he tells her no very brutally. Sasha tells the father she wants to die and Gabriel tells her she deserves to die for what she’s done.

Then it is time for the town meeting to start, but Rick is running along the wall, trying to figure out where the blood trail came from. (Thankfully we did get to see Jesse at the the meeting though, so we know she’s alive.) Rick is running through town when he gets attacked by a walker. As he’s fighting for the town Michonne is telling them he’s a good person, that they need him. All the while Rick is fighting and killing a walker. Of course Deanna tells everyone Gabriel told her that Team Rick can’t be trusted. Just as they thinking about kicking Rick out he shows up with the body of a walker on his shoulder. He tells them they need to be strong, that the dead and the living will always try to get in. They the people and undead outside the walls will try to kill them. Rick gives them some tough love and tells them they need to be harder. They need to start to get ready for what’s coming.

Just then Pete shows up and accidentally cuts the mayor’s husbands throat. Deanna looks at Rick and tells him to do it. Rick shoots Pete and then Morgan says hi, a look of horrible surprise on his face.

The last thing we see from inside the town is Michonne about to put her sword above the fireplace then deciding to put it back on.

Then the very last thing we see is the people at the depot as the shot pans out, showing something painted on the car. I think its something about wolves?

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Morgan going Kwai Chang Caine on the two W dudes who interrupt his breakfast.
  • Carol having the backup guns. Funny that she is the most loyal one.
  • Daryl’s swinging chain kill after he triggered the zombie trap.
  • The note in the car with Daryl & Eric that said “Trap, bad people, don’t stay.” Very creepy touch.
  • Daryl ready to fight to the death to save Eric and then Morgan saving them both.
  • Rosita dropping the pan to wake Eugene up so Abraham is forced to talk to him. Eugene then apologizes, telling Abraham he’s sorry.
  • Abrahams stirring sh*t speech.
  • Rick being too hot to handle2015_TWD_S5_E16_RickHot
  • d

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Michonne being a bitch to Rick. Have some loyalty woman. (Later she does.)
  • Sasha lying on her bodies of dead walkers. She’s losing her sh*t.
  • Daryl falling for the trap at the shipping depot. you think with a simple slap on the wall of the can truck they would have known there were dead inside.
  • Gabriel wearing a white shirt and not having a drop of blood on him after killing two walkers violently.
  • Glenn getting shot and then having his knee kicked in. And then leaving us hanging that he was eaten? That sucked.
  • Why wouldn’t the gate always be double guarded? Really people, do you want to be eaten?

Bad Gun Handling – Bad Teacher

You can’t really blame the kid, its not her fault whoever handed her that firearm is a Bad Teacher.

First, look at her form, she is leaning back, away from the recoil. It’s no surprise that she can’t control the firearm when it goes off. Her instructor should have been right next to and behind her and corrected her form. And on top of that she should have been started with a .22 instead of a .410 or a 20 gauge. (I can’t tell what sh’es shooting but my guess is a Mossberg® 510 Mini Super Bantam Shotgun in 20 gauge.)

2015_BadGunHandling_11ADon’t be a Bad Teacher and end up on Bad Gun Handling Wednesday. I’d love not to have any material to use in the future – while at the same time doubting it will ever happen.


The Walking Dead (Season 5, Episode 15)

Episode 15, Try


Try starts off with Deanna and her husband mourning the loss of their son by listening to some freaky music. They get interrupted by Carol who leaves a casserole at their door – which Deanna leaves on the steps. Then she burns Carol’s note.

Outside the wall a walker stumbles to the gates only to be offed by Sasha from her vantage in the bell tower.

Out on patrol Daryl kills a walker and then he and Eric see a light in the distance. The next morning when they get to where they think they saw the light they find a dismembered body that appears to be missing some bits. A little ways off they find a woman tied to a try, her insides opened up so the walkers could feed. I think she was alive when they tied her up. She has the “W” on her forehead.

We then see the “interviews” and the townie blames Glenn and claims everything is Glenn’s fault. Who does the mayor believe?

Carol has been gathering information. She tells Rick just how badly Pete has been beating Jesse and the kids. Which just happens to lead to Pete coming outside to ask Rick what he’s doing. Rick tells Pete to keep walking, and keeps the revolver at his side hidden.

When we come back from commercial Michonne is lying in bed, looking very sad and concerned.  2015_TWD_S5_MichonneBed2Rosita comes in and tells her she thinks Sasha stayed in the tower all night long. They are both a little spooked as they walk outside the wall for the first time since they entered town. They are both jumpy. Michonne is not so sure she likes feeling “safe” – I think she’s afraid she is losing her edge. They find Sasha out in the wilderness just as she finds a massive horde. Michonne sees what is happening to Sasha and I think she sees herself. The three women go to town but there are a lot of walkers. Sasha appears to be losing her mind.

Rick then finds Deanna grieving and tells her they need to do something about Pete. Rick wants to separate Pete and Jesse and Deanna pushes him, asking him what they do if Pete refuses. She gets really mad when Rick says he would kill Pete. Deanna would rather just exile Pete if it comes to that – and then says she something ominous about doing the same to Rick if he got out of control. Later Rick confronts Jesse and she is mad, she doesn’t understand why he is trying to help her. She tells him she can take care of herself. Afterwards Rick seems unsettled. He’s struggling with what to do. Then he barges into her house and tells her that her son wanted a gun and that he doesn’t want her to die. He can keep her safe. All she has to do is say yes. She wants to know if she would do this for someone else. For anyone else. Rick says no and then Jesse says yes. Just then Pete comes in and tells Rick he has to leave. Pete has a crazy look in his eyes and Jesse tells him he has to go. She wants him out. Pete starts to freak out and actually starts to beat the crap out of Rick before they both go through the front window of the house.

It seems that everyone is playing outside the wall. Rosita and Michonne are looking for Sasha and Carl is trying to figure out what the teen girl is doing out there. Carl and his female friend find a walker and she uses an alarm clock to lure the walker. She tells Carl she likes being outside, likes running. They are supposed to be outside. Carl asks her what happened before she reached town but she doesn’t want to talk at first – and then they are interrupted by a walker horde which forces them to hide face to face in a tree. For a moment Carl almost makes his move but can’t, and the girl is glad because Carl is afraid of her too.

There is a brief scene with Glenn where he tells Nicolas he’s not allowed outside the walls again. Nicolas asks if Glenn is threatening him and Glenn tells him “No, I’m saving you.”

With just a few minutes left in the episode Rick and Pete are going at it in the street, beating the crap out of each other. Somehow drunk, wife beating Pete is getting the better of Rick. Then, when Rick finally gets a choke hold on Peter the mayor starts yelling and Rick pulls his gun and starts telling the mayor she has no idea. All while Sasha is taking head shots on “W” zombies outside the wall.

Then, just before Rick is going to shoot Pete in the head Michonne clocks him. (That back stabbing bleeeep.)

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Glenn telling Rick that they need to make it work. Noah wanted that. I do think its the right thing. They should buckle down and make a go of it.
  • Carol wanting to do something about Pete. I think he deserves it.
  • Glenn telling Nicolas how its going to be and grounding Nicolas to behind the walls.
  • Awkward Carl afraid to touch the girls hand in the tree.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • The townie (Nicolas) blaming Glenn & Team Rick for Noah and the mayors deaths.
  • Carl is outside the wall unattended again!
  • Pete getting a few shots in on Rick during the fight over Jesse. Come on Rick you should have tore that guy apart.
  • Rick giving his crazy speech on the street.
  • Michonne betraying Rick and clocking him before he could kill Pete.

Bad Gun Handling – Bigger Is Not Better

I once listened to a girl at a bar tell a jackass something I’ve never forgotten.

Jackass – “Have you ever seen a twelve inch d*ck?”

Girl – “Do you think that I’m going to enjoy that. That’s too (she stressed that word) big. I’d have to go to the hospital afterwards.”

Jackass – Mumbles as he walks away shot down.

Moral of the story, if its too big you can get hurt. Bigger isn’t better.

Shoot what you can handle. Otherwise you won’t enjoy it.