Bad Gun Handling – Dangerous Games

My first thought was this looks awesome and I wanted to hand out with this due.

My next thought was that while this guy might be the most experienced firearms user in the world in real life, this video might also encourage a less knowledgeable individual to shoot himself in the leg or foot.

It goes back to something I say a lot. Guns aren’t toys. Respect them.

America Is Full Of Traitors

The super rich right would love for you to think that the cause of America’s decline is Social Security, or Medicare, or an increasing Minimum Wage.

Do you know what those right wingers really are? Traitors. Traitors to what our nation once stood for. They don’t care about you, or me, they just want to help their 1%er friends make a few more dollars – and if that means grandma has to eat cat food – so be it. They don’t care about you or me, they just care about making sure their super rich friends get richer.

There is a lot of wealth in the U.S.A.  There is plenty to go around – and I’m not saying that everyone should have a mansion and drive a 100k car.  But everyone should be able to pay their rent and buy food – and pay for college without going into hock for 30 years.

Every penny saved on wages goes to the 1%.

Every dollar cut from Medicare will become a tax cut for the 1%.

Every vote for the right is a vote to kill the middle class and to end our nation.

Look at the way the wealth just keep moving up. They don’t pay any taxes and scream that there isn’t enough to go around, all while shoving the money into their pockets as schools close and teachers, cops, and public servants are told they don’t deserve a pension or a raise for taking care of our children and keeping us safe.

Yes, I’m mad. I don’t understand how anyone making less than 100K or 200K can even think about voting for the right. They don’t care about you – but they are so artful in the way they lie.

Big Government – its bad.  They want to take your rights away. No, they want to remove restrictions so they can make it legal to have people work 60 hours with no overtime. They want to make it so companies can pollute not worry about workers safety.

It has nothing to do with Big Government. It has to do with them stuffing their pockets with cash.

Traitors, they are all traitors to this great nation.


Ashley Madison Karma

I really hope the owners don’t cave to the demands of the hackers. I so want to see the lists of names and the chats because the odds are I’m going to find someone interesting in there that I know.

Can’t wait to figure out how to work there dirty secretes into a conversation with a completely straight face. Over and over. But never admit you know.