The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Season 1, Episode 3

Paris Sera Toujours Paris has Team Daryl in Paris. They stop by a possible ally’s place only to find out the guy has completely lost his mind. We do get a nice Zombie Kill out of it though. Even if Daryl’s hunt for a working radio turned out to be a bust.

Daryl Takes Down A Walker

With the first stop not yielding much in return, the group continues until they are picked up by a much larger group of survivors. The group acknowledges they have a radio to Daryl, but it turns out just to be homing pigeons.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

Paris Sera Toujours Paris Scoring

Paris Sera Toujours Paris scores 70/100. There is a lot of dialogue and plot components, but not enough Zombie action. There were also too many things that just lined up in this episode. We learn the fate of the little girl that Isabella left behind. We bump into Isabella’s white knight – and find out who Laurent’s father was. There was a lot packed into this episode. Maybe a bit too much.

Spoilers Below:

The episode’s main goal appears to be letting Daryl and Isabelle spend time together. We learn a lot about Isabelle’s history and how rough she had it. We also learn who Laurent’s father is.

The Good

  • I loved the visual of the horde coming out after Daryl shoots.
  • When Isabelle goes back to her apartment to get stuff to trade and Daryl sees her stash of drugs and jewelry. Her response was perfect. “I wasn’t always a nun.”
  • Daryl improvises, using a burner walker to melt his way through a locked door.
  • The brief glimpses of the ossuary. I have visiting them on my bucket list. I hope I am so lucky.

The Bad

  • While I always enjoy watching Daryl take a Zombie’s head off with a rifle, it felt like a waste of gunpowder. A knife would saved them a round, and saved them from alerting every nearby walker around them.
  • We see the little girl that Isabelle left behind when they head back to her apartment to grab her stash. The kid didn’t make it. The guild in Isabella’s face was horrible to watch.
  • When they go into the smuggler stronghold via the ossuary, why did the music remind me of the Star Wars cantina?
  • Of course Isabelle’s savior from when the outbreak started just happens to be the leader of the smugglers.
  • When the para military group is hunting Daryl they just open up – even though their leader is right there as well. Huge waste of ammo and very dangerous to their commander!
SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
Season 11Deux Amours90
Season 12Alouette75
Season 13Paris Sera Toujours Paris 70
Season 14La Dame de Fer86
Season 15Deux Amours100
Season 16Coming Home100
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

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