Raise the Min Wage!

What A holes.

How dare they claim that raising the minimum wage will hurt business. If you put more money in peoples pockets they spend more, if they spend more, those same businesses do better.

Why aren’t we growing the top? Because the top 1% has gotten every god damn benefit in the last two decades. The top 1% keeps getting more and more, but the middle class gets less and less.

I love the closing statement. Something about how these are “entry level jobs” and you are supposed to move up the ladder. What a crock, there aren’t enough jobs in the higher brackets, everyone can’t be a CIO or CEO, and we need to make sure that the average Joe can support his family on the jobs that are available.

Is it a crime to tell Walmart to stop using tax payer money to put their employees on food stamps and instead pay them a fair wage? Will it really break the richest family in the world to pay their workers a living wage?

Sporting Clays

First, I was happy because I beat my personal best at sporting clays.

Then I was sad because my personal best wasn’t good enough to top my nephew’s score of 42. ┬áBut we still had a great time.

My brother in law also went with us today and he did great for a first timer. And I think he has the bug now as well. He was talking about getting a shotgun when we left.

December 28, 2013 38/50
December 27, 2013 31/50
December 21, 2013 37/50
December 15, 2013 34/50
December 1, 2013 32/100

Today’s Scorecard:2013_SPortingClays_Dec28

CZ 75 Range Day 3

It was a brisk day today and just a little over freezing. We actually had some snowflakes today. It was a perfect day to head out to the range.

I brought two types of ammo and fired a box of each. The first was the Herter’s Select, which really left me sad the last time I tried it. Either because of the cold, or this was a “good” box of cartridges, I had no problems at all with it today.

2013_CZ_Range_Day_3The second ammo was PMC Bronze. I had one failure to eject with this, but overall I wasn’t unhappy about it. I’ll hold judgement on it until I can put a few more boxes through my pistol.

My next to last two clips showed my usual grouping, low and to the left.


And then, oddly enough, when I went to single hand for my last few shots I nailed the bulls eye.2013_RightHandOnly

So I guess if the zombies are running at my I will have to single hand it. Next time I’ll put a clip through one target with both, then left, then right handed, and compare the targets.

My cartridge count for the CZ is now up to 700 Rounds.