The Walking Dead (Season 7, Episode 6)

The Walking Dead, Season 7

Episode 6, Swear


Current Time

Swear begins with two young ladies patrolling the beach, finishing off the walkers who came in with the tide, at least until they find Tara, unconscious on the water’s edge. The younger girl wants to kill Tara (like they are supposed to) but the older girl wants to let her live and keep it a secret. The older girl wins the decision, but the little one isn’t too happy about it.

The older girl drug Tara behind some debris and left her there – but was thoughtful enough to bring her water and leave her food and a weapon as well. Tara wakes up just in time to follow the girl back through the woods to find what appears to be a homestead of some size. So far it appears to be only women however.

While Tara is watching the alarm goes up and there is a brief bout of shooting before she ends up being captured.

They handcuff her to a radiator and begin to question her. She lies to them about being a fisherwomen and spins a tale – which they mostly seem to buy. A little bit later they bring Tara to their dinner table to talk.

The leader of the Amazon group has a solution. If Tara joins them they wouldn’t need to kill her. Their leader confronts Tara over her history and she breaks down and tells them their truth. They agree to take her to the bridge to look for Heath, or at least that is what they tell her.

The next day they take her out for a walk but something about their attitude warns Tara and she bolts for it. There is a brief struggle before Tara is once again at the end of a gun, which allows us to hear the backstory. The Saviors lined up every male under the age of 10 and killed them, which is when the Amazon tribe decided to slip off into the woods and hide. It is also when Tara finds out that the Saviors they killed at the output weren’t “all of them”.

Cindy makes Tara swear that she won’t come back if she lets her go. Tara swears, which earns her Cindy’s help.

They make it to the bridge but it is flush with walkers. Cindy and Tara have a moment before Cindy decides to help Tara across the bridge. There are a lot of walkers. Cindy takes up position as a sniper while Tara makes a run for it.2016_twd_s7_e6_sniper_cindy

Tara makes it across the bridge but she doesn’t find Heath – just the dirt burn out tracks of a car. Who has Heath?

Tara continues to walk, moving through a small town, eating the perch that Cindy packed for her. The last thing she picks up before getting back to Alexandria is a doctor head bobble. When she makes it back to Alexandria she finds out that her girlfriend has passed.

Back Story

When come back from commercial the storyline flashes back to tell the story about how Tara ended up on the beach. Tara and Heath have wandered far afield but haven’t found the supplies they were hoping to find – and Heath isn’t so sure that their methods are justified. 2016_twd_s7_e6_heathHe is letting the despair of their situation get to him, and he doesn’t even know what has gone down since he and Tara left to scavenge. He still thinks that Team Rick is in charge.

As they scavenge they find a bridge that has been barricaded off with dumpsters. Heath chucks a bottle to see if he can lure any walkers out – but nothing comes running – yet. They carefully move through the camp until they come upon a massive sand pile. Tara sees what she thinks is a bag which is half buried but when she pulls on it the pile slides down on top of them and lets loose a horde of the undead. Heath and Tara are forced apart, but both of them look like they are in trouble.


Things I loved about this episode…

  • Tara – “Wanted to see if was safe. Still not sure.” As she holds up her cuffed wrists.
  • Tara not telling Rosita about the oceanside community.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Tara not just rolling wth the “yes I’ll join you,” discussion as her captors have already said they kill all strangers.


  • We meet Cindy – the girl/woman who saved Tara. Books:

The Walking Dead (Season 7, Episode 5)

The Walking Dead, Season 7

Episode 5, Go Getters


Team Hill Top

Go Getters begins at Hilltop. Maggie still has the baby but the Hilltop Doctor wants Maggie to stay for the duration of the pregnancy to make sure everything goes okay. Maggie wants to see where Glen is – and Sasha takes her to the graves where Glenn & Abraham are buried.

Their quiet moment is interrupted when the Mayor of Hilltop finds them and wants Maggie and Sasha to leave – and right away. Obviously this creates a conflict because the doctor told Maggie she should stay close by in case there are any other complications. Jesus convinces Gregory (The Mayor) to let Maggie & Sasha spend the night. Jesus thinks he might be able to get Gregory to change his mind – and Sasha offers to scavenge for them to pay their way. We think they are safe but come nightfall someone opens the gates to Hilltop and set some fires before turning on the loud speakers, which happen to be inside an old car which is armored with steel fencing.

While Sasha and Jesus go Rambo on the walkers already inside the compound Maggie gets smart and uses a massive tractor to crush the speaker car.

The next morning the Saviors show up and are just a little bit mad.2016_twd_s7_e5_saviors

Negan’s men make it loud and clear that they are still in charge and Gregory licks their boots as best he can. He then tries to hand Maggie & Sasha over but Jesus tricked him by putting his best Scotch in the closet.

After Nega’s men leave we get to see a small show down between Gregory and Maggie. With a little bit of support from Jesus she ends up decking Gregory (over Hershell’s watch) and tells the Mayor they are staying – and he better learn her name.

Team Rick

Back at Alexandria Rick is planning a scavenging run. They need stuff to live as well as for their next tribute. Carl stays behind – mad that the Saviors have changed the lay of the land. After Rick leaves Carl finds Enid climbing the wall. 2016_twd_s7_e5_enidclimbingfenceHe doesn’t want her to leave – but she doesn’t care what he wants. She’s kicked some dirt into his face but he doesn’t care, he follows her in a car and shows up just in time to crush a few walkers for her.2016_twd_s7_e5_carlcardrive

Now that the car is wrecked Carl & Enid are forced to walk – at least until Carl finds some roller skates, which leads to them holding hands. By the time Carl & Enid get to the Hilltop Negan’s men are already there, taking half of what’s in Hilltop as punishment for working with Team Rick. Carl & Enid then have a heart to heart about his motivations which somehow leads to a kiss.

After Maggie has her confrontation with Gregory she goes back out to the gravesite only to find Enid there.

The last thing we see is Jesus jumping into the back of one of the Savior trucks so he can go find where Negan lives for Sasha but when he gets there he finds that Carl already snuck in ahead of him.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Maggie using the big tractor to crush the speaker car.
  • Carl telling Enid she’ll be seen if she tries to sneak into Hilltop while the Saviors are there. “No they won’t.” she says over her shoulder as she walks away.
  • Maggie telling Enid about how she crushed a car with a tractor when she was in highschool.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Enid holding hands with Carl after they find the roller skates. Shouldn’t she be playing a little bit hard to get still?


  • Enid & Carl kiss. Books: