Stop Wage Theft

You work overtime but it doesn’t appear on your paycheck – or you got docked hours for some unknown reason as a penalty for being late one day.

This is what is known as wage theft.  Companies stealing from those who can least afford it, their workers.

It makes total sense that any contractor working for the federal government should be held to a higher standard right? Why would you want to allow a company being paid with taxpayer dollars to steal from their workers? Sounds like a no brainer. I mean, unless you are a Republican member of the House of Representatives. You can see how all your representatives voted here, but the breakdown is pretty simple. One party is bought and paid for by big business, the other isn’t.


Taxes – Only For The Middle Class

This should make everyone who isn’t sitting on a million dollars in the bank very mad. The middle class is being slowly choked to death by the big companies not paying their fair share.

They have posted record profits, but our schools are falling apart.

They have posted record profits, but 40% of my income pays for taxes (income, property, sales)

The rich keep getting richer and the poor and middle class are forced further into the hole.

Write congress!!! What do your representatives support? Vote out the rich crooks and get decent people who are willing to fight for the middle class, and not for tax cuts for big oil and big tech.

Memorial Weekend Clays

My youngest busting a clay with his new Franchi Affinity 12G over the long weekend.

He just stepped out to the 12G after progressing from .410 to 20, and he is doing awesome with the new Affinity.

The shotgun is light, swings and points like a dream, and the felt recoil is something he can manage. A very nice shotgun. I originally wanted the Affinity Compact, but it was going to be a 2 to 6 month wait (they had no idea when they were coming in). So I bit the bullet and got the 28 inch full size and he is rocking it.